March 24, 2023

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Transportation to Quebec and Lewis: The regional focus is on the “Risso Express de la Capital”.

Transportation to Quebec and Lewis: The regional focus is on the "Risso Express de la Capital".

The Quebec City and Lewis area transportation plan, which will be unveiled by the government on Monday afternoon, is called the “Riso Express de la Capital”.

Four days before this important announcement, our Parliamentary Bureau discovered that a completely new website dedicated to showcasing multiple parts of this regional vision in transportation had appeared.

At the address, It is possible to learn more about: the Quebec-Lewis Tunnel, its connection with the tramway, the suburban service and the south coast.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Although hyperlinks are currently inactive, the home page specifically mentions the motto “a vision for the future”. In the “Contact Us” section, you will find contact details for the Minister des Transport.

Twitter account associated with the project (REC_Quebec) Has also been activated in the last few hours. It only specifies the scheduled date for the announcement, i.e. May 17th.

The name Riso Express de la Capital (REC) is reminiscent of Riso Express Metropolitan (REM), another extensive public transportation project that is expected to see more daylight in the Montreal area in the coming years. The visual invoice of the REC website is similar to that of REM.

Lehoulier said he had a fever

Lewis Mayor Gilles Lehoulier confirmed that he had accepted an invitation from the Prime Minister’s Office to a press conference on Monday “February”.

“We have to announce amazing things. I suggested in the invitation. I can’t wait to get involved and see what the outcome is,” the mayor responded.

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“I was told it would be a very integrated project, including all modes of transport,” he said. […] I think Monday marks the historic moment for all of Quebec, Chaudhary-Appalachెస్s and eastern Quebec. ”

Discreet about the costs and exact layout of the Quebec-Lewis tunnel, Mr. Lehoulier, however, confirmed that on the south coast, there would be an exit from the tunnel “around Bishop Bourgate”.

QS fears “disaster”

For his part, Sol Janetti, a solidarity member of Jean-Lసేsz, concludes that the Quebec-Lewis tunnel ends at the gates of his constituency, concerned about the detrimental consequences he is considering.

“This project will increase GHGs, […] Number of cars in downtown Quebec, […] Law congestion, […] Urban expansion, he listed. […] This is really a disaster. ”

Naturally, Mr. Janetti also recalled that the construction of the third link would “cost backwards”, believing that this money would be used more profitably.

“The government is totally adamant on what it has promised for electoral reasons and it will be a cash pit,” the deputy lamented.

In early spring, her colleague Catherine Dorian of Taschero suggested that she change her mind if the government left the highway section of the project by relying solely on public transport.

“If they want to make a third link that is public transport only, the downtown city of Quebec, where it runs, and the great development of downtown Lewis can do anything extraordinary, honestly. And, I, I support this project,” said a member of Quebec Solidair.

– In collaboration with Taseeb Mollah