May 29, 2022

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You remember me in America

You remember me in America

Recent film by Eric Tessier, You remember me, Adapted from the play Franకోois Archambolt, performed in the United States with the title You Will Remember Me Beginning in late summer or early 2021.

Alexander VigneltAlexander Vignelt

“There are some families in the world who are not affected by old age and dementia You Will Remember Me John Poole Jr., executive vice president of Corinth Films, which specializes in the distribution of foreign and independent art house paintings, praised Remy Girard’s commentary on the lead role.

You remember me Edward, a retired history teacher and public figure, describes the decline as he began to lose his memory. He revisits a forgotten past in a relationship with a young woman who is “a little rebellious and lost” as commented by Carrelle Tremble.

The film’s cast, co-written by Franకోois Archambault and Eric Tessier, also includes Julie LeBron, Franz Castell and David Boutin. You Will Remember Me 2020 premiered in Sarajevo. Remy Girard won the Best Actor award for his role at the Whistler Film Festival in December.

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