May 23, 2022

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Meetings for Yvonne? | The Journal of Montreal

Meetings for Yvonne?  |  The Journal of Montreal

After announcing that he would never go on stage again, Yvonne Deschamps is now planning to give lectures.

“It just gets to communicate with a smaller audience,” he says Journal The 85-year-old comedian has retired for ten years.

Last October, in an interview to talk about a virtual show for her birthday, Yvonne Deschamps categorized: The stage is no more. Given his last performances a decade ago, he said it took him a good two years to get out of the adrenaline of performing in front of an audience.

New speech

But here, six months later, the comedian modified his speech a little. In an interview a few days ago Newspaper Talk about a new project with Comedyha! – In a file to be read on Saturday in the Weekend Notebook – Yvonne Deschamps says he wants to go on stage himself … to give lectures on his life.

“I’m come of age … (laughs) This is just one Flash In my life, he said. You wake up, you are 85 years old. It was over in 85 minutes. It’s something! I want to talk about funny cases, but also horrible cases. ”

The legendary monologue however does not intend to remake the new comedy show. “It’s like chains on me,” he said unequivocally. I do not want to do anything today. ”

No more driving

At his age, Yvonne Deschamps stated that he no longer wanted to go on the road. “I would never like to be on a snowy or icy road again. I have risked my life thousands of times. ”

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When the idea of ​​doing a conference residency in Thetre Mysonnev, who says he has performed at least 600 times in his career, is thrown at him, Yvonne Deschamps’ eyes light up. “That’s a good idea! I’m telling people to come see me. Like Celine in Las Vegas! She’s global. For me, I hope to be at least local (laughs)!”

However, this desire to communicate with people should not be seen as a very concrete project. We are currently working on a show on Deschamps work called Comedy! At, Sylvain Parent-Bedard made it clear that the comedian never wanted to return to the stage.

“I never insisted and I didn’t mean to,” he said. I will always respect the person he is most. “