June 26, 2022

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Wal-Mart: Vaccinated users no longer need to wear a mask

Wal-Mart: Vaccinated users no longer need to wear a mask

Many American retail chains, such as giant Wal-Mart or low-cost supermarket Costco, announced Friday that the mask was not mandatory in their stores, but it remained de rigur when local law still required it.

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“From today, vaccinated customers and members will be able to shop without a mask,” the supermarket chain wrote in a statement.

However, this statement does not apply to all stores, as masks are mandatory in cities or territories and are required to be worn.

The United States’ leading federal public health agency (CDC) said Thursday that anyone who has been fully vaccinated can now do so without a mask, except in transportation and hospitals. But every state, county or city can also decide to continue the liability.

The announcement of Walmart, America’s number one retailer and one of the largest private owners in the country, however is a strong symbol.

Last summer, when the mask became a symbol of the political affiliation between Pros and anti-Trump in the United States, Walmart, a symbol of “real” America, took a stand by making it mandatory to wear it in its stores. Dissatisfied some of its customers.

The chain of low-cost stores Costco has also adopted this variable geometric position: the mask is always mandatory when required by local regulations, elsewhere optional.

Joe’s grocery stores were the first major supermarket chain to take the initiative Friday morning to lift the need for masks. However, the press release it announced was not available at the end of the day.

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Mask on the other hand in Las Vegas, where casinos Wine and Encore said in a press release that their “guests” would be relieved of their responsibility “if fully vaccinated”. The group tells customers to “trust” to make an “appropriate” decision.

However, others, such as the low-cost supermarket chain Aldi, have continued to be responsible, explaining in a press release sent to the AFP that “health and well have been a priority since the outbreak.”

The CVS drugstore chain said it was “re-evaluating” its policy based on the latest CDC recommendations. In the meantime, employees and customers continue to wear the mask.

“As a place where testing and vaccination against Kovid-19 is possible, we have decided to keep our current policy in place for the time being,” said Val‌greens, another pharmacy chain.

The same thing happens with The Home Depot, DIY and home appliance chain, as well as Gap clothing stores.

The UFCW distribution workers’ union complained that “the CDC’s recommendations are confusing.” “Necessary workers are often harassed by people who are not vaccinated and refuse to wear masks (…) Should they become vaccinated cops?”

Wearing a mask is also the standard at General Motors, the number one American automobile company, which guarantees “reliability of its safety protocols in conjunction with Covid-19, and the safety of employees while respecting the rules of authority”, underlined the manufacturer’s communications department, Dan Flores.

Since the mask is mandatory on public transportation, Uber has not changed the rules for its drivers and passengers, a spokesman said.