May 25, 2022

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Decontamination plan: “We have to go regularly,” said one expert

Decontamination plan: "We have to go regularly," said one expert

Although the speed of vaccination is fast, there is a need to wait until the fall before inviting family or friends home. The Legalt government should submit its decontamination plan in the coming days.

And so on. People gathered in a park in Quebec on Saturday, hoping their friends would soon have a fire in their backyard. Another man said he had booked his vacation with his family in Lock-Saint-Jean in August.

The dr Nicholas Brusso, a medical consultant at the National Institutes of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ), warns: “We must really go regularly and make sure that the number of cases continues to decline, even with a certain new start. Less’.

Health Canada released its recommendations to the states on Friday. We have to wait until summer for the first flexibility like open meetings or opening terraces. Only in autumn, indoor meetings are allowed. Many of the people we met said that Quebec would come up with a less traditional plan:

“I believe Quebec will be a little softer, perhaps gradually changing his mind,” said one citizen, while others preferred the careful deconflection of “not backing down.”

The epidemiological situation in Quebec is improving. Pulmonologist and Intensive Care Officer at CHUM, D.r Jean-Franకోois Liz confirmed that “there is a decline.” He explained that people with good weather were a little outdoors, which would help curb the spread.

In fact, the province returned more than 100,000 doses of vaccines on Saturday.

“The vaccine is doing very well, which is also beyond my expectations. Quebec is a province where the pace is most stable,” D said.r Nicholas Brosso.

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Despite everything, dr Jean-Franకోois Liz warned that we must continue to respect the actions. According to him, the number of cases will decrease significantly when young people finish school. He noted that students are still vectors of the virus. “The challenge is, if you allow me to express myself, the academic year begins in September. Viruses live in schools, too. The coronavirus, in particular, is highly contagious, ”he added.