May 21, 2022

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Denis Villeneuve’s Don enters the Venice Film Festival

Denis Villeneuve's Don enters the Venice Film Festival

The Venice International Film Festival will be held in September in all its glory and the much-anticipated Denise Villeneuve film Dune, Is strongly expected to be launched on this occasion.

Marissa GroguhMarissa Groguh

This is what Specialist Magazine reported Variety. Warner Bros., the film’s distributor and producer of Mostra, did not comment on the information.

While the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance Festival have announced that they will try the principle of allowing screenings in the presence of audiences and virtual content, the Venice Film Festival is preparing a “regular” edition (similar to the Cannes Film Festival).

Photo provided by Warner Bros.

Denis Villeneuve and Javier Bardem on set Dune

Hundreds of journalists and dozens of delegates from all over the world are hoping for Lido. According to Variety, At least this is the scene in favor of the Venice Biennale, in the frame of the film festival.

The film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s legendary novel, which was delayed by a year due to the epidemic, is now scheduled for 1Is October in North America. However, it will be shown two weeks earlier in France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden and a few other European countries. Would this be a good strategy to get started Dune As the world premiere at the most prestigious autumn film festival just days before its release? If this materializes, Denis Villeneuve will return to Mostra five years later Arrival, Which was a success in the City of the Dogs.

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Among the films planned for Venice, still according to Variety, Let’s point out The hand of God, De l’Italian Paulo Sorrentino, France, A new film by Bruno Dumont, as well as by Javier Gianoli. Human comedy “Costume” film directed by the director Margurite Removed from Literary Monument Lost illusions By Honore de Balzac. Around Benjamin Voisin, who was chosen to play the role of young poet Lucien de Rubenprey, the filmmaker assembled an ambitious cast, including Gerard Depardieu, Cecil de France and Javier Dolan.

This year’s award-winning film director will preside over the Venice Film Festival Jury Parasite, Bang Jun-ho.

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