November 27, 2022

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Salary of Senior Civil Servants | Horacio Arruda at club Ora 300,000 and above

Salary of Senior Civil Servants |  Horacio Arruda at club Ora 300,000 and above

(Quebec) Senior Quebec Officers Selection Club earning more than 000 300,000 per year welcomes new member for the year 2020-2021. Horacio Arruda, National Director of Public Health, now earns 5,000 to 305,000 a year. Salary increase over 2,000 282,000 earned the previous year, still monthly housing allowance 2 1,225.

Denise is lowDenise is low

In line with the law, the Legalt government will this Saturday publish a list of salaries of its senior executives, deputy ministers, assistant deputy ministers or directors of companies. 450 of them earn more than 000 150,000 per year; 105 of them are paid over 000 200,000 per year. At the top of the pyramid, 14 mandarins receive more than 000 300,000 per year, two more than the previous year.

This is without counting the many senior executives who have obtained “loans” to parastatal firms. Their salary will not be reduced, but they will no longer appear on the balance sheet, which must be disclosed by the Executive Council in mid-May each year.

During the last year of the Coillard government, mandarins earned $ 300,000 or more.

In many cases, compensation to Crown Corporation executives does not take into account the bonuses provided in their contract. Guy LeBlanc, head of Quebec Investment, earns 500 500,000 a year. But he comes close to a million with potential bonuses.

Photo by Alain Roberz, Lapress Archives

Charles Amond, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kaisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec

Charles Emond, president and CEO of Kaisse de Depot, has a base salary of 50,000 to 550,000, but his total salary is close to $ 4 million, including bonuses, compensation and retirement funds.

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Not only is Kaimsey’s senior executive Mr. Amond part of the payroll revealed this Saturday, but the crown will give the corporation’s six senior executives a total of 14.6 million in compensation by 2020.

The highest earners’ club is Hydro-Quebec’s patron Sophie Brochu, who earns 8,000 598,000. Louis Morissette of Autorit des March Financiers with 5,000 follows 465,000. Lotto-Quebec president Lynne Reuters, who recently announced her retirement, earned $ 437,000. She is closely followed by Catherine Dagenis, CEO of the Society des Alcals at $ 436,000. Yves Oulette, the number one civil servant and secretary general of the Executive Council, earns 5,000 to 325,000 a year.

Quebec Premier Franకోois Legalt earns 5,205,793 a year, less than most senior executives.


The health sector is doing well in this epidemic year. Fabrice Brunett, CEO of the Center Hospitalier de l University de Montreal (CHUM), earns $ 311,000, as does Pierre Gfeller, who heads the McGill University Health Center (MUHC), and Martin Beaumant of CHU de Quebec-Laval University. CIUSSS du Center-sud-de-l-de-Montreal president Sonia Belanger has the same salary. In Quebec, CISSS and CIUSSS executives typically earn between 000 200,000 and, 000 250,000 per year. The National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) pays its employer, Luke Boyle, an annual salary of 5,000 to 285,000.

Photo by Hugo-Sebastian Abert, Press Archives

Lucy Opterni, Minister of Health Assistance

Deputy Minister of Health Dominic Savoy earns $ 6,276,000, while his assistant Deputy Minister, Lucy O’Party, earns $ 360,000.

In finance, 6 276,000 will be paid to Pierre Castle. Treasury Board Secretary Eric Ducharme has a salary of 3,253,000. The parole of the Executive Council, equivalent to that of the Prime Minister, is well stocked with tools from the political world. X-PQ, Patrick Lahai earns 2,000,202,000 a year as associate secretary general of local affairs. From PLQ, Mario Laoi 9 earns 169,000 as head of the Quebec office in Ottawa. Coming from ADQ, Stefan Le Bouyonneck will be paid 197 197,000, as deputy minister responsible for expanding the Internet and “connectivity”.

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Deputy Ministers and Agency Presidents

Deputy Ministers, earn over 000 200,000. Former Chief of Staff to Francois Legalt‌ at the party Cubacois, the new appointee, will receive a salary of 10 210,000 as Deputy Minister of Culture. She succeeds Mary Zendron, who retains the same salary as chair of the Parental Insurance Management Board. Julie Blackburn 7 earns 217,000 in the family. Deputy Minister of Justice Line Drooney is earning $ 230,000, Brigitte Pelletier in Public Security, David Bahan in Economics, Benoit Dagenis in Immigration, Sylvie Barclays in International Relations, Carrot Croyter in Environment, Education in Environment and Transport.

Photo by Olivier Jean, archives archive

Mark Croto, Deputy Minister of the Environment

Presidents of organizations should not be spared. 30230,000 will be paid to Mary-Claude Champaux at the Office de la Protection du Consometor, Manuel uddor and Revenue Agency CEO Carl Gautier, who heads the Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work Committee. Marco Thibault 3, head of Reggie de L’Assurance Maladi du Quebec, earns 223,000, as well as Jocelyn Dumas, president of Reggie de L’Energy. Mary-Claire Oellette, who chairs the National Capital Commission, earns 10,210,000, as well as Diane Lemieux, patron of the Commission de la Construction du Quebec. Frederick Goudrow, head of the permanent anti-corruption unit, has a salary of 2,000 to 202,000.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Press Archives

Pierre-Gabriel Cote, Quebec Representative General in London


Our diplomacy should not be exceeded. In Paris, General Representative Michelle Boycewart earns 197 197,000, plus $ 30,000 in function allowances. In London, former head of Investment Quebec Pierre-Gabriel Castle received the same salary, and allowances, 000 29,000. In Los Angeles, dealer Philippe Honalt was paid $ 9,169,000, plus $ 7,147,000 for accommodation and $ 5,000 in function allowances. In Brussels, Pierre-Luke Desgagne earns $ 197,000, with allowances, 000 17,000. In Boston, spokeswoman Mary-Claude Franker earns 9,169,000, but receives 000 98,000 for her accommodation and 000 29,000 for various allowances.

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Most civil servants who have to work in Quebec will benefit from 2 1,225 subsistence allowance per month, while some will receive 10 610 per month for automobile. However, these benefits are taxable.