May 23, 2022

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Why Fortnight is not in Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming service

Why Fortnight is not in Microsoft's Xbox cloud gaming service

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service is available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, which allows you to play most games, but not the popular Fortnight.
Is it due to a technical problem? No, this is the decision of publisher Epic Games. In fact, Microsoft service is considered a competitor because Business Development Vice President Joe Kreiner made it clear during a testimony in the wake of the dispute between Epic Games and Apple:

“We are considering Microsoft’s efforts with xCloud to compete with our PC offerings.”

On the other hand, the publisher has entered into an agreement with Nvidia and Fortnight is available on the GeForce Now service. Therefore, iPhone and iPad users can access the game using the Safari browser. There is a difference in the purchase of games. For Xbox Cloud Gaming, you need to go through Microsoft for GeForce Now, which can be purchased at stores like Steam or Epic Games Store.

Also to be found in the video:

However, Epic Games claims that Apple completely controls transactions for the purchase of games or options within a game. While Fortnight is free, some game-options are charged and the publisher wants to recoup all the benefits., Which explains the lack of a game on the Xbox cloud gaming service.
In the meantime, the trial between Fortnight and the Apple publisher will take place on May 3, with Tim Cook likely to appear in person.

Source : To the edge