May 23, 2022

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French Defense | PQ provides its emergency plan focusing on immigration

French Defense |  PQ provides its emergency plan focusing on immigration

(Quebec) Dissatisfied with Bill 101 reform introduced by the Coquist government, the party Cubacois (PQ) is proposing tougher measures to reverse the decline of the French language.

Patrice Bergeron
The Canadian Press

This is especially the case with the French mandate for financial immigrants, to reduce immigration restrictions on reception capacity and to propose a solution to the “bonjor / hi” dispute.

“These are bold gestures that may not make us more popular, but they are trustworthy, caring and responsible for us,” language spokesman Pascal Burbe summed up at a news conference in the Assembly on Monday. National.

PQ leader Paul St. Pierre Plamondon recalled that his predecessor, Rene Lowesque, and his minister, Camille Laurin, the father of Bill 101, had qualified themselves as terrorists.

“They were called terrorists and Nazis for telling the truth about the language. Insulted them and captured the fort. ”

Several measures of the PQ emergency plan overlapped with articles of Bill 96 submitted by the responsible Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett last Thursday, a law containing more than 200 articles.

“All the demographers who have spoken on Bill 96 say that this bill does not reverse the declining trend of the French language,” Mr. St. Pierre Plamondon argued.

“The only tendency is for the government to want to be re-elected,” Mr Burubey said.

To the Coquist’s point of view, PQ wants to oppose an action plan that has quantitative objectives, a percentage that must be reached and a deadline to be respected, a mandatory condition according to him if we are to truly influence the current strong trend. Playing against the French.

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“We are experiencing an unprecedented decline: in 150 years French has never fallen short in terms of the language we use, more than the language of 80% of the people who speak it,” the PQ leader said. The same is radical. ”

PQ expects a significant increase of about 20 percentage points in language transfers to achieve its goal. He believes that by 2031, it is realistic to see the proportion of allophones that will adopt the French language in 10 years, the language used at home.

The PQ opposition demands that the evolution of language transfers be subject to an annual estimate.

In 10 years, PQ wants to reduce the proportion of French-speaking Cubans to 82%, the rate in 2011. This is an increase of four percentage points. Current situation.

“Hello Hi”

On the contentious issue of the famous “bonjor-hi”, a welcome language in Montreal businesses, PQ provides a testament to the good behavior given to merchants who are anxious to resolve their customers in French.

“It’s an added value for those who respect the rules,” Mr Burubey said.