May 20, 2022

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Ix-less-Bains is testing the setting of traps in private homes

Brayan, un des agents de moustification, avec le piège à moustique tigre

The device was deployed in a large area to trap tiger mosquitoes: one-third of the area of ​​Ixless Bains. 3,500 traps will be distributed to residents, 300 in open spaces. These sectors focused on the highest number of complaints and interventions.
Four mosquito control officers make daily trips using electric bikes equipped with a trailer. They go from house to house handing out traps to residents and explaining how it works.

Residents can also call agents directly EID, Ron-Alps Inter-Departmental Mosquito Control Agreement. They can go to private homes when there is a report of a tiger mosquito.

Cover, blank, cover all water points

The tiger mosquito comes from Asia. It spanned seven years (2014) in the Ix-en-Provence and Chambery complex, mainly for Savoy. The tiger mosquito has almost no natural predator, its bite is very painful, it is an everyday insect that prevents it from developing through simple actions: cover, empty, cover all water droplets, our balcony, terrace, garden.

The tiger mosquito flies so badly that, during its lifetime, it does not move more than 150 meters from its place of birth. It is a vector of tropical infectious diseases (dengue, chikungunya, Zika) that can bring a person back on a trip.

Areas related to trap distribution:

  • Boulevard between Franklin Roosevelt and the shores of the lakes
    Between the Boulevard de Latre de Tassigni and the Corset forest

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