May 23, 2022

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Nielsen completes political support for forests | Capital | News | The sun

Nielsen completes political support for forests |  Capital |  News |  The sun


What they said

Joel Lightbound, Federal Deputy for Louis-Hebert

“Urban jungle is a collective resource and we need to take care of it. We also need to prevent them from shrinking further. […] I grew up in an apartment on Boulevard Nielsen, where we were not very big, but the parks, Jacques-Cartier Beach, my mother told me all the time that Boise Nielsen was a collective treasure. […] It’s priceless, you have to take care of it. ”

Jean Rousseau, Cop-Aux-Diamonds District Councilor and Democratic Quebec leader

“It’s a tree area, it’s able to withstand all the changes in the weather, it’s amazing, it’s unusual. But he’s fragile, he’s in danger. , We never need one. The most beautiful events here in Quebec are the initiative of the citizens. The Boise des Compagnance was created with the citizens in mind, making sure that they put us at the forefront of defensive measures. Without the citizens, not in the woods. ”

Bruno Marchand, Chef of Quebec Forte at Fire

“You have our support, we will be there because we believe in it. At home, in Limoilou, my mother picked up fallen saplings from the trees and every time the neighbor came down to say” Theres, stop doing that, the city does it. ” I repeat, “For me, all the strength of the city we want to build with you: this civic city, this committed city, this city starts from the grassroots and shines and makes an impact on the citizens.”

Anne-Marie Tivirge, Transition Quebec candidate in the plateau district

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“I’m a lifter and a strong environmentalist, so I’ll see all the appeals in mental health. During COVID times we talk a lot about it, mental health is important. It feeds us all manually. Transition Quebec is a party with an environment.”

Jean-Franకోois Gosselin, Leader of the Official Opposition at the Hotel de Ville de Quebec and Leader of Quebec 21

“What you demonstrate through your mobilization is that the elected authorities are sensitive to it. Never stop with nice words, nice words should turn into concrete actions. I want to thank you for the work you do for the trees everywhere in town, we have a beautiful town, beautiful rivers, so Preserve is very important and say out loud and clearly that citizens are involved and they want to protect their city on a human level. It will be an election issue, but it’s not a debate. We have some other issues, but we agree on this. “