June 28, 2022

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Reform of Act 101: PQ proposes more “bold” actions

Reform of Act 101: PQ proposes more "bold" actions

Together with Pascal Burbe, the PQ representative for the French language, Mr. Saint-Pierre presented a plan to the Plamondan National Assembly at a press conference. To Bill 96 submitted by Coalition Future Cubac (CAQ) Last week, felt very ashamed.

PQ alleges that the government initially sought a consensus towards the end Elections Than to worry about the stability of the French language.

This bill does not exist Does not succeed in slowing down the massive trend of French decline in Quebec, According to the PQ leader. Its political structure seeks gestures Serious And Bold Should be put to slow the growth of the English language in the Province.

Thus PQ wants to increase the number of speakers using French as their language from 78% to 82% in 10 years.

Facing the French Decline Tough decision making, unpopular decisions, Said Mr. St. Pierre Plamondon. At the top of the list, PQ proposed to return to the 1990s immigration restrictions, with Quebec welcoming an average of 35,000 immigrants a year.

The PQ leader argued The main reason The reason for the French decline in the province Language transfers of allophones.

We set ourselves the goal of choosing 75% of all phones French As a language of use, Mr. Saint-Pierre Plamondon suggested. According to data from the Office Cubacois de la Long franchise, they are currently 55%.

The party wants better control over Cubacois economic migration and wants the government to ensure that the newly qualified worker has sufficient knowledge of the French language before arriving in Quebec.

Offices are particularly targeted by the plan, which was introduced Monday.

PQ hopes to ban the French language charter as a recruitment requirement, in addition to asking companies with 25 to 49 employees, as well as companies under federal jurisdiction. Neutrality is required.

In addition, no company may receive a subsidy from the regional government or participate in tenders calls without complying with the requirements of the charter.

Retail and service businesses aside, PQ wants to end Hello Hi By giving official certification to businesses that welcome and serve their customers in French. It takes the form of a popular poster that allows it to promote only businesses that have customers.

Pascal Buruba, Member of Parliament for Matane-Matapidia and French-speaking representative of the party Cubacois.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

Culture in the foreground

Pascal Burbబే emphasized the importance of culture in promoting the French language among Quebecars.

The measures proposed by his party would serve to create an office to promote Quebec culture Promotion of cultural structures on major platforms and around the world.

When Quebeckers see the quality of their works shine around the world, we believe it will enhance the prestige of this language.

A quote from:Pascal Burbe, PQ representative on French

Tele-Quebec PQ is central to the cultural component of the proposed project. The next chain wants to double its budget and expand its mission.

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Mr. Burube said he wanted to see Talk shows, documentaries, Aina too Great cultural event.

The presentation is exemplified Beautiful Sundays Mr. Burube, who previously aired on Radio-Canada, wants to bring the Quebeckers around every week around the major cultural structures that broadcast live.

Both Mr. Saint-Pierre Plamondon and Mr. Burroughs have not promised whether the party will support Cubacois’ Bill 101’s reform bill as proposed by the CAQ.

PQ leader wants Take a negotiation position with the CAQ So that the government will have various proposals in its bill.

We will take part in the discussion, but we will eventually vote, Pascal Buruba added.

Deputy of PQ in Zonquier Sylvain Goudralt‌ Confirmed last week He and his party would support a bill introduced by Simon Jolin-Barrett, although he would like to propose some amendments.