July 5, 2022

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Capital Express Network: LaBeouf Satisfied, Lehoulier in Angels

Capital Express Network: LaBeouf Satisfied, Lehoulier in Angels

Regis LaBeouf said he is satisfied with the Reggio Express de la Capital project, which guarantees him the Urban Boulevard on Tramway and Laurentian.

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The mayor of Quebec has always said he wants to see a third link provide “net profit” for Quebec.

On Monday, when asked if the project had this condition, he said: “The net profit is tram. The tunnel connects up to two tram stations, which makes it really more relevant. The other net profit is this urban boulevard in Laurentian, we definitely want. And it’s part of the whole work for us. Guaranteed. ”

The mayor also praised the roads reserved for the suburbs. “This is the complete canvas of public transportation produced so far in the city.”

Hasty departure

However, as soon as he gave this answer he left at 4:30 pm in the middle of the press conference.

“I have some advice in 30 minutes, I have to go,” he said, leaving the venue as the prime minister was about to answer a question from journalists. “Hi, everyone,” he said.


For his part, Lewis Meyer, who attended the press conference, spoke about the “historic” day he was the promoter of the third link.

“This is the best day of my political life,” Gilles Lehoulier exclaimed.

“A harmonious sustainable mobility plan with a bright future for the next 100 years,” he lauded.

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The fluidity of traffic, he recalled, was “the first thing we need to address” in Lewis.

He said the tunnel would reduce the use of the Pierre-Laport bridge to a reasonable level.

The mayor took the opportunity to throw flowers at the Legalt government, saying it would correct long-term funding in public transportation.

Gilles Lehoulier assures that the third link will not cause urban sprawl.

“It’s quite the opposite. We have no question of expanding our urban perimeter.”

Quebec mayoral candidates respond

“For public transport, it makes a lot of sense to connect the two city centers of Quebec and Lewis and it fits our project perfectly. [de transport structurant] We will deliver to you in June. […] When I look at everything that has been invested in Montreal, I am in no way ashamed that Quebec citizens can benefit from these investments. “


Photo by Dominic Lelivre

– Jean-Franకోois Gosselin, Leader of the Opposition in Town Hall

“We are preparing for a historic delay [en matière de transport collectif] And we project ourselves in the future. […] One advantage of being able to have an urban boulevard in Laurentian. […] My reservation is that we have a motorway in the tunnel. In my opinion, it doesn’t have to be. ”

– Jean Rousseau, Democratic Quebec leader

« [La question du tunnel], It is not black or white. If it goes to a full extension, it will cost $ 9 billion. We still need to assess what the environmental implications of this project are, so I think questions still need to be answered. “

– Bruno Marchand, Quebec’s strongest and proudest chef

“We are pleased that the integration of the Laurentian Highway into the urban boulevard is part of MTQ’s plans. The tunnel exit and its accessibility must be planned for its success and its acceptable condition, with a view to respecting the quality of life of citizens in the central districts of Quebec.”

– Team Mary-Josie Saward

The only cohesive position is to oppose the third link to any person who wants to be Quebec mayor and says he cares about the environment. “

– Jacqueline Smith, Head of Transition Quebec

In collaboration with Dominic Lellivre