February 23, 2024

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Denise Coder plays a personal attack game

Denise Coder plays a personal attack game

The day after Valerie Plante left in good standing against him, Denise Coder did not intend to take part in the game of personal attacks in the next election campaign.

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“I think what’s important is what we can do together to save Montreal. I will work in this direction whenever I have the opportunity,” the Montreal mayoral candidate began in an interview with LCN on Tuesday.

Mr Coderre defended himself against the current city mayor, who told LCN on Monday that he had played the “I have a boyfriend” card in a Formula 1 file.

“Elected or not, when we have the ability to take action, we do it. I, they called me, I said ‘we’re going to go’ and I was so happy to give a hand,” Denise Coderre explained.

Contrary to what Mayor Plante suggested, the latter emphasized that there was also Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon who phoned him.

On the whole, the former mayor of the metropolis Valerie Plante did not intend to play the game.

“I can’t get into this business. There are people who like to make personal attacks. […] Those who want to make personal attacks, I will let them go. The important thing is what can be done to bring Montreal back, ”he said.

Mr Coderre reiterated that he “does not work against Valerie Plante”, but he does “work for Montreal”.

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