June 5, 2023

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Proximity to Coder’s F1 worries the plant

Proximity to Coder's F1 worries the plant

Myers of Montreal, Valerie Plante, is concerned about the close relationship between Denise Coderre and Bonjou of motor racing, even mentioning the “elevator return”.

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“I think we have a lot of questions about the former mayor’s relationship with the International Automobile Federation [FIA]», Thunder M.To me Plant.

Our Bureau of Investigation revealed on Monday morning that the former mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre called people at Formula 1 while governments were negotiating the renewal of the contract on the Grand Prix from Canada.

“I sent messages,” said Mr. Coderre, who will return as Montreal’s mayoral candidate in November. He said he had called FIA President Jean Todd directly.

“That, coder’s typical: ‘I have a boyfriend'”, M arguesTo me Plant on his opponent.

She was shocked to learn that Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon himself had asked for candidate assistance for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

“Mr. FitzGibbon does not tell the same story to everyone,” she suggested.

“Morally special”

The mayor did not recall that Coder went to work for the International Automobile Federation two years ago after the failure of the Formula Electric race in Montreal.

  • Listen to the column by Jean-Louis Fortin, director of the Quebec Investigation Office

The employment link she thinks is “morally special” to the former mayor.

“Maybe it’s the elevator return?” How much was paid to him to do this work? Because we, the Montreals, have spent 25 million on us, the electric formula ”, M.To me Plant.

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In 2018, the Office of the Inspector General (BIG) of Montreal published a grim report on the role of Mr. Coderre and his cabinet in the electric formula file.

The OIG concluded that the municipal administration was a non-profit organization Montreal Electric to circumvent the terms of the tenders.

Valerie Plante fears that Denise Coder’s return to town hall means a return to the electric formula. “The fact that he didn’t pronounce it when the electric formula came back, there was an eel under the rock. I’m careful. Montreallers want to know that. [ce qu’il en est]”, She said.

Reaction in Quebec

Vincent Marissall, a member of the Quebec Solidarity, said Mr FitzGibbon had appealed to Mr Coderre during the election campaign that he was not sensitive to the Plante administration.

“It shows a lot of intimacy between Mr. FitzGibbon and Mr. Koderre,” he said.

Depending on his “friendship” with F1’s Bonzes and his failure with the electric formula, Mr Coder should not interfere, the Rosmond member believes.

“If he becomes mayor again, he will not behave like this. You don’t have to do less Contracts With your F1 friends, ”he said.

Denise Coderre defended herself

Montreal mayoral candidate Denise Coder defended herself on Facebook late in the afternoon.

“We have a choice: we will work to make Montreal shine and get out of the crisis or we will make personal attacks. I chose to brighten up Montreal. Whenever I get the chance, I always make the same choice. It is up to the Montrealists to decide whether they prefer personal attacks or whether the metropolis stands.” Wrote the conductor of Ensemble Montreal.

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