May 23, 2022

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The hand implant now allows you to fall asleep on command

The hand implant now allows you to fall asleep on command


  • Quality sleep that is tailored to each person’s metabolism is a key to good health.
  • When sleep disorders occur, taking the sleeping pill should be unstable and take only a few nights.

Researchers from Northwestern University Designed with a new device that can be fitted in the hand, it will eventually allow you to fall asleep on command. An invention intended for people suffering from severe insomnia or jet lag (night workers, frequent travelers, etc.).

Implant, that is NTRAIN (Normalizing Layla Time in Circadian Clock Internal Networks), Produces the same peptides (small chains of amino acids, editor’s note) that naturally regulate our circadian rhythm.

Distribute peptides to order

“This system enables the command to send peptides directly into the bloodstream”, Project Manager Jonathan Rivney explains. Thanks for this implant, “No need to take medication anymore to control sleep. No need to recharge the device. It’s like we put a small pharmacy directly on the body “, The scientist continues. This revolutionary implant, funded Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Of great interest to the military in recovering from sleepless nights often and quickly.

41% of French people suffer from sleep disorders, which has increased over the last twenty years, especially with the Covid-19 health crisis. Most affected people suffer from insomnia, sleep / wake rhythm disturbances and sleep apnea.