May 29, 2022

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Trudeau agreed that he could amend his part of the Quebec Constitution

Trudeau agreed that he could amend his part of the Quebec Constitution

Franకోois Legalt Ottawa could amend the Canadian Constitution to include Quebec’s linguistic specificity as a nation. Provided legal views from his own government, Justin Trudeau The Quebec government recognizes that amending the law itself is “completely legal.” The verdict immediately angered English speakers in the country.

“What we understand from our initial analysis is that Quebec has the right to amend part of the constitution to underline the observations we have already made at the federal government level: that is, Quebec has one country and that the official language is French province,” Justin Trudeau confirmed for the first time on Tuesday. .Bill 96 was introduced last week By the Coquist government to reform Bill 101 in Quebec.

Although the Franకోois Legalt group relied on the opinion of constitutional expert Benoit Pelletier that a section of the constitution relating to Quebec could be unilaterally amended, the federal government had not yet spoken.

“We make it clear that we respect the protections that are not found elsewhere in the Constitution, especially for the Anglophones in Quebec,” he warned Prime Minister Trudeau in the same breath.

Following the tabling of Bill 96, its ministers refused to guarantee that the federal government would not take part in any challenge. Even on Tuesday, the Prime Minister did not give that assurance. “We will consider the course of this bill,” he replied. “But I can assure all Quebecars and Canadians that, as partners, we will be there [à la fois] Protection of the French language and protection of rights. “

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Reform Bill 101 provides for the inclusion of two articles in the Canadian Constitution specifically in the section dealing with the province: “Quebecs form a nation” and “French is the only official language of Quebec.” Fran క్యూois Legalt was delighted in Quebec that his federal genius “recognized that we had a right to do so”.

Disappointed English speakers

Marilyn Jennings, former elected federal liberal, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN); Is angry at this desire for an arbitrary constitutional amendment Last week. Justin Trudeau left on Tuesday to cancel his participation in the QCGN meeting with the office of Federal Justice Minister David Lametti.

Former Liberal Senator Joan Fraser, who sits on the QCGN board, is not as angry as her colleague. OmTo me Fraser instead stuck to the protection of the rights of the Anglo-Cubans promised by Mr. Trudeau. “It is encouraging that in the same sentence he is reminded that the rights of minorities – and, where appropriate, our minority – must be protected.”

But on Twitter, English-speaking Canadians agreed with Mr.To me Jennings. Among them, Emmett McFarlane, a constitutional expert at the University of Waterloo, ruled in an interview that “the Prime Minister has acted with undue interest in political interest.” This associate professor of political science rejected the interpretation of the constitution shared by Ottawa, Quebec and Benoit Pelletier. Article 45 of the Canadian Constitution states that “the legislature has the exclusive power to amend the constitution of its province”. However, according to Mr. McFarlane, this regional constitution is not a collection of articles in the constitution of Quebec, but a different constitution with provincial laws.

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According to Article 43 of the National Constitution, “the amendment of the rules governing the use of French or English in a province” may be authorized not only by that province but also by both Houses of the Canadian Parliament.

Constitutional expert and former Minister of Quebec, from the University of Ottawa Benoit Pelletier believes the opposite The proposed amendments do not affect Canadian federalism or other provinces as Quebec has free control under Section 45. Article 45 also guarantees another “continuation” that allowed Quebec to dissolve its upper house in 1968.

Challenges to be expected

However, Professor MacFarlane and QCGN Bill 96 will no doubt be challenged in the courts. According to Mr. McFarlane, this can be done by arguing that a citizen, an organization, or another province does not respect the principle of amending the constitution.

QCGN is waiting to receive the final law. But until then, the group called on Ottawa to consult the Supreme Court to clarify Quebec’s authority to amend the constitution itself. “It’s not just Quebec,” said former Senator Joan Fraser. “If any province can officially declare bilingual, this is an example that must be carefully considered before it can be established. “

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