March 21, 2023

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Former Judge John Gomery is no more

Former Judge John Gomery is no more

The High Commission’s hearings began on September 7, 2004.

They shed light on the misuse of financial funds for public relations activities set up by the Jean-Cretan government in the wake of the 1995 referendum to promote federalism and the Canadian government in Quebec.

For 10 months the massive commission paraded 172 witnesses and some revelations confused the country.

Justice Gomery introduced the Commission’s first report on November 1, 2005. A huge document responsible for former Prime Minister Jean-Cretian and his entourage. However, he expelled his successor, Paul Martin.

Born in 1932 into an English – speaking family west of Montreal, the judge’s last professional mission.

In an interview with Radio-Canada in 2018, the former judge said he was proud of the work done by the commission of inquiry in power.

I really think democracy is good in Canada. It was possible to set guidelines for what politicians were not allowed to do. They have made the political community aware of the abuse. The government is definitely cleaner than ever, He he said.

Big impact

There is the work of M. Gomery Very effective According to Daniel LeBlanc, the reporter is Daniel LeBlanc Globe and Mail When he exposed the sponsorship scandal.

He intimidated many politicians.

A quote from:Daniel LeBlanc

One of the first bills of the Conservatives to come after the Liberals was to clean up, Mr. LeBlanc said.

He also recalled a golf ball episode, Chasing income Justice Gomery.

The [le juge Gomery] Three journalists were called to talk about him and the commission […] He criticized golf balls with the signature of Jean Cretian, who bought them with sponsorship money. He should not do that. It then came back to chase him.

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During his testimony before the Commission of Inquiry, The former prime minister replied By showing the golf ball in the name of Ogilvy Renaud, the law firm where the commission’s lawyer Bernard Roy, former prime minister Brian Mulroney and Sally, the daughter of Justice Gomery, worked.

He joined the Quebec Bar in 1957 and began his career in Fascen, Martino & Dumoulin. His areas of specialization include family law, commercial litigation, and bankruptcy. Appointed Queen’s Counsel, he was appointed Judge of the Quebec Superior Court in 1982.

Throughout his career, he has served as Chairman of the Copyright Board of Canada, the General Committee of Judges General Committee and the Family Law Committee of Quebec.

He was too Chaired the Quebec Press Council (CPQ).

After a busy career, the former judge retired to a farm in Havelock, near Hemingford in Monteroze, and changed into a magistrate’s robe for farmer’s shoes.

He was too 1200 pine trees were planted. Together with his wife, he loved to walk in the forest born of these trees.