March 25, 2023

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Reopening of restaurants | Now it remains to find the staff

Reopening of restaurants |  Now it remains to find the staff

The idea is to exchange the cardboard packaging of the take-out meal for real plates, first on the terrace from May 28, then change in the dining room for “more areas”. A few days later the Orange Zone enjoys restaurant owners, however, who have to switch to second gear to hire employees.

Nathel MorissetteNathel Morissette

“Find the kitchen team, the people in the dining room and reorganize the menu,” replied Nathalie Cote, co-owner of Bressery Bernard and Stella Pizzeria. Tap He was asked what were the major challenges awaiting him in the next few days.

“In the kitchen, they have to get inside, too,” she insists. Summer spent in the brasserie, we made between 400 and 500 covers a day. After a few months of inactivity, you should take control. It’s still a start somewhere. Those who are open, they are already a little ahead, she adds. We started for take out three weeks ago at Brosary. ”

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press

Nathalie Cote, co-owner of Brasserie Bernard and Stella Pizzeria

“Yes, there is fear, but there is also excitement. It does not give much time to engage in everything and change the order. There were some who thought it might reopen at the end of June. There are those who set out to rebuild. They are going to hold their panties on the floor. [La réouverture], Hiring staff comes quickly, she agreed, but it was fantastic to hope for. ”

Towards the Association Restaurant Quebec (ARQ), Franయిois Meunier, Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs, also affirms that the “No. 1 share” of this re-launch is the discovery of manpower to prepare and serve meals to patrons interested in preparing. Go back to the restaurant to sit down.

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However, he welcomed the plan presented by the Legalt government, which he believes could allow restaurants. “It’s much better than we already have. Last time, we were told on Tuesday that it could open next Monday. There, we have almost two weeks to prepare.”

This calendar also pleases Jean Bedard, president of the sports scene that runs La Cage – Brasserie Sportive, which he describes as “intelligent”. If he finds that his team has a “total wake-up call” to rebuild the teams, Mr Bedard believes that with the government’s plan, it would be better to hire restaurants. “It allows you to plan your appointments, your hours, your inventory of purchases. There, we have estimates, dates. There, we have arguments, ”he explained enthusiastically.

Earlier this month, La Cage and MTY Food Group (Baton Rouge, Ben & Florentine, Mikes), Saint-Hubert, Food Autistic (La Belle et la Buff, Monza, L’Gross Luxe) and Normandyn restaurants welcomed customers to their terrace from mid-May. The opportunity was asked with one voice from the government, where it was noted that the risk of spreading in the Red Zone was low. Before returning inside, they gradually return to the dining room to resume their activities. They wanted to re-employ employees who had slipped with their fingers in the face of uncertainty.

“If we do not talk about reopening restaurants, it is practically impossible for us to hire staff, because there is no one who thinks we’re going to open,” Mr Bedard explained in an interview. Tap. Signaling is important. ”

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Great surprise

For his part, Mark-Oliver Frapier, chef and co-owner of Winmont Lapin, a restaurant in the Rosemont district, said he was shocked by Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt’s announcements. “I did not expect much,” he said.

“Is it going fast?” Yes. Honestly, I knew it would be like this. It’s ridiculous to say, but we still have a lot of experience in opening and closing. But there, they told us we were going to open our restaurants. We are really happy. ”

Photo by Marco Campanozi, Press

Mark-Oliver Frappier, chef and restaurant co-owner Win Mon Lapin

And the hiring of employees does not seem to dampen his enthusiasm. “Yes, we need to hire some people, but we are not in a big recruitment mode. We are still in the process of renewal. We are looking for staff and we are a little used to it, ”he recalled with a laugh.

For his part, Benjamin Chavrefils, Vice President of Jibo Group! (ZIBO! And Vertigo restaurants), whose 10 restaurants are mostly in the Montreal area, are eager to open. “We have been waiting for this for 14 months,” he recalled. I think there is no need to say ‘I am not ready’. “

“We can say for sure that there is a manpower problem. But there are some in all the companies. We have some in front of us, we’re going to get even more. [mardi soir], I have employees who text me. They can’t wait to get to work. ”

Even the bars

In addition, the bar terraces open on June 11, then the opportunity to see more areas in the yellow zone on June 14, allowing tenants to serve beers and cocktails inside. Received by Pierre Thibault, President and Founder of the Novelle Association des Bar du Quebec and owner of Tavern Saint-Sacramento.

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However, staffing and profitability will not be immediate, he said. “Yes, there are going to be obstacles. When you have an establishment, often in the beginning, you worked in your bar. You have soil experience. When this stabilizes we are all going to become employees again for our own companies. ”

“The first month, achieving financial balance can be challenging,” he says. We restarted the machine. We are re-establishing our contacts with people. We should not even bother. ”

However, consumers may be interested in going out for a drink. “One thing’s for sure, the first two or three weeks we’ve going to open, you have to reserve your seats on the terrace, because it’s lost quickly.