May 29, 2022

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The vaccine has an effect on stru secretion

The vaccine has an effect on stru secretion

Conspiracy theories, media controversy, distrust of production time, anxiety Side effects : Many negative aspects have been attributed Vaccine Against Kovid-19.

A lot Side effects Were highlighted by vaccinations, which were later broadcast by the media around the world. Fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, and chills are all experienced through the new vaccines.

However, of all the symptoms pointed out, one side effect took the side and This only applies to women.

The Kovid-19 vaccine affects the female cycle

According to some reports, the vaccine against Kovid-19 has a significant effect on it stru tusravam. A good number of vaccines have been identified by many in this way Coups in their stru tu cycle After the first and / or second injection.

Heavy periods, more severe pain, cycle delay, are the main effects mentioned.

To try to see more clearly, Womenizer It therefore conducted a survey with its international examination team on the subject. And quantitative results are clearly greater than.

1 Person in 5 Confirms the presence of the vaccine Affecting their stru tu cycle. 31% of respondents Claimed that their period was over Abundant Than usual. 29% Their period is going to be over Painful. Finally, 22% One of them is believed to have been vaccinated Retard At the beginning of their period.

The other women interviewed argued that it was their period For a long time.

Side effects to keep in view, but to observe very closely

From our colleagues BBC , Intended to reassure, in conjunction with, health professionals who have been specifically interviewed on this subject. According to them, negative time effects only have a short-term effect.

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In addition, they do not affect the fertility of women concerned, concluded immunologist Dr. Victoria MailImperial College London.

* Survey conducted by Umanizer on the panel of 552 stru menstruating people who have already received their vaccine

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