July 3, 2022

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Sane-at-Loir was placed under surveillance

Sane-at-Loir was placed under surveillance

Some tips

To identify the tiger mosquito

Eeds albopictus (scientific name for tiger mosquito) Small: less than 1 cm in wing area. It is black with white spots on the body and legs, and it has a white stripe and biting device on the thorax.

The reporting website makes it possible to correctly identify and forward information. This portal “complements the nest trap system”, specifies the ARS

To prevent its implantation

Mosquitoes develop in the form of larvae in the water, before flying and biting.

“Everyone can do the right thing to prevent the spread of Eeds albopictus by removing small reservoirs of standing water,” health officials explain. Is:

> Empty (once a week) cups and saucers under flower pots, animal bowls, folded tarpaulins, buckets, parasol bases, etc.

> Cover water collectors

> Store toys, wheelbarrows, buckets, and watering cans (away from rain)

> Maintain gutters, ditches and channels

> Throw away waste and used tires

> Create balance in pleasure ponds: Fish eat mosquito larvae

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