November 29, 2023

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Auxiliary staff strike | Schools have announced closures

Auxiliary staff strike |  Schools have announced closures

Some school service centers will close their schools for two days next week due to a strike announced by members of the Federation of Public Service Employees (FEESP-CSN).

Mary-Eve MorasseMary-Eve Morasse

About 35,000 members of the union will go on strike from noon on May 26 until May 27 at the same time.

These include daycare faculty, caretakers, school secretaries, special education technicians and attendants for students with disabilities. The union members are distributed across 31 French language school service centers and two English language school boards.

Already, the Mille-Oles School Service Center in Laurentians has announced that its primary and secondary schools will be closed, but distance learning courses will be offered, with home tuition for elementary students. For high school students.

The English Montreal School Board made a similar decision. In Charlevoix, schools are closed for two and a half days.

Last Wednesday, several service centers, including on the island of Montreal, closed their schools due to a strike by education professionals affiliated with CSQ.

What happens next week? The Montreal School Service Center and Margaret-Bourgeois did not respond to a question Friday. Tap. Point-D-L School Service Center indicated that schools will remain open as usual.

Ongoing discussions

Teachers in the province, represented by the Federation of Teaching Unions (FSE) and the Autonomous Federation of Teaching (FSE), have recently agreed to renew their collective agreements with Quebec.

In light of this, many parents this week were shocked to learn that a new strike on Wednesday had hit the education community and forced schools to close for a few hours or all day. It is about the strike of 10,000 educators of the Central des Unions du Quebec (CSQ), which is the second day of a five-day strike it has received from its members.

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In early May, Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt gave “two to three weeks” to conclude with public sector unions. He said he had shown enough patience. Collective agreements in the public sector for 550,000 state employees expire in March 2020.

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