July 7, 2022

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H1IVA to join Misfits Gaming as coach

H1IVA to join Misfits Gaming as coach

Misfits Gaming plans to make some changes to its LEC team coaching staff before the summer split begins.

A change in the coaching staff of Misfits Gaming

On May 7, French architecture Solari confirmed the departure of its head coach Alexei “H1IVA” Kaikkonen. The reasons for this decision were not clearly stated, except that the former Finnish supporter wanted his contract with Solari to go to new projects. In place of Solari, replacing Samchaka since February 8, H1IVA has been able to find a former teammate who won the Spring Split of the European Masters season 2019, especially when he played a supporting role alongside Neon; He could return to the Misfits gaming team as a coach.

According to the latest rumors, Elias “Enatron” Theodoro, the current head coach of Misfits Gaming, may resign his role with the LEC team; He could return to Turkey to coach the TCL League team. Sources confirm that Enatron Misfits decided to take a step back from gaming due to a lack of communication and understanding with the rest of the staff and company.

To fill the vacancy, club management LEC has reportedly chosen to promote strategic coach Alexander “Candiflows” Cartwright as head coach for the summer split period. Regarding H1IVA, sources close to the company have confirmed that he will be the head coach of the Misfits Premier Academic Squad and that he will be Candiflows assistant at the LEC.

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