June 26, 2022

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In urea, nongenarians die with covid a month after the 2nd injection

Vaccination contre le covid

Franకోois and his brothers and sisters were not angry, surprised and very sad. “They were examined on April 16, Mum died on the 19th and Dad on the 24th“Franకోois said.

Yvonne and Jean are 95 years old, with no specific pathology except aging. In January, the couple decides to enter nursing homes, and in February, both receive the first dose of Pfizer, the second in March, and in April they become ill and die suddenly.

Strict health protocol

How are they contaminated? This is a question that four children ask themselves. The question is still unanswered today. Since entering the nursing home, Jean and Yvonne have been together Very little contact with the outside world Due to the Sanitary Protocol. First, a half-hour visit per week with two people behind a Plexiglas. From the time of vaccination, under the guise, they had the right to visit one room a week. Every day, exchanges resumed with only residents being vaccinated and establishment staff, while others were not vaccinated. For 3 months, excursions are not allowed. “I only saw the room the day my mother died“Franకోois explains.

Acute and rare vaccine failure

For the regional health agency, this is a serious and rare vaccine failure. These deaths should be investigated Conducted by the Pharmacovigilance Center, Ars and Public Health France to identify the source of the contamination. “Defective batch of vaccine or defect in cold chain or injection“Dr. Benoit Cottrell of ARS explains that the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95%, which means that those who are vaccinated have a 20% lower risk of developing the severe form. Population ”he continues.

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We are a little surprised at what is good

Francois and his brothers and sisters today mourn the loss of their parents in recent months. “They lost their freedom for precautionary reasons, and in the end it was to no avail“.