July 6, 2022

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National Patriot’s Day: Open or Close?

National Patriot's Day: Open or Close?

Some public services see them adjusting their bells, while other countries close on Monday to mark Patriot Day.

Federal and provincial government offices and some municipal offices, including permit counters, banks and post offices will be closed.

In the context of the fight against COVID-19, the city of Montreal said in a press release that it would make changes to some of its service schedules.

The municipal court closed service counters and courtrooms Monday, with inmates demonstrating in a building on 775 Gosford Street.

However, environmental centers are open and collections will be carried out according to the normal schedule, with the exception of green waste collection in Montreal-North Borough, which will be postponed until Tuesday.

The Biodome, the Botanical Garden and the Planetarium are open, but due to health restrictions limiting reception capacity, people are being invited to buy tickets online, Montreal City added, all digital services are available.

The majority of SAAC branches are open Monday.

As most grocery stores and drugstores remain open, the public transportation schedule will change.

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