May 18, 2022

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Vaccine Passport: Guidelines needed to guide the spread

Vaccine Passport: Guidelines needed to guide the spread

Guidelines for the implementation of the Vaccine Passport in Quebec must be guided and the authorities must prove that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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This is the Commission des Droits de la Personal at des Droits de la Junesse (CDPDJ), which unveiled the notice on the vaccine passport on Friday. This allows Quebecars to fully vaccinate against COVID-19 or to visit certain sites.

The CDPDJ said in a press release that it was testing the concept of the vaccine passport in relation to the provisions of the Charter of Human Rights and Liberation “to identify human rights violations”.

So far, no concrete project has been submitted, but Quebec has provided or will provide QR code to all Quebecs who have already received a single dose of the vaccine.

“In any case, if the government proposes to adopt such a passport, it will have to prove that this measure violates the rights in question as little as possible and outweighs the inconvenience caused by the expected beneficial effects,” he said. A press release explained that exemptions would have to be given to those who could not be vaccinated.

The CDPDJ stipulates that “immunity passports, in particular, may violate the right to integrity guaranteed by the Charter. In fact, vaccination, like any medical intervention, violates the right to integrity. It is therefore a matter of free and informed consent. The need for an individual to produce an immunization passport affects the free nature of this consent ”.

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However, it added that “it is possible to infringe an individual’s right to integrity without their consent, but in this case, in the opinion of the Commission, legal authority is required”.

The vaccine, like contact tracing applications such as Passport and COVID Alert, “affects the right to respect private life”.

Finally, the Commission believes that the vaccine affects the freedom of the individual, religion and peaceful assembly. “For example, asking people to submit a vaccination certificate encourages this kind of request, including those currently available to those who comply with health measures, including those who have not been vaccinated.”