May 25, 2022

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Goes into cloud gaming with the Nintendo Switch Control game

Nintendo Switch now welcomes the newest feature: cloud gaming. Thanks to the magic of the game in streaming, it is now possible to play very greedy titles with Ray-Tracing activated on the small console. The first to launch this feature was Control from Finnish Studio Remedy.

Want to play too many greedy titles on the switch with graphics suitable for Ray-tracing activated high-end PC? It sounds like a sweet dream, though now thanks to cloud gaming. This is the surprise of Nintendo’s head Cleverly launched this new service on October 28th. Control first game from Remedy Studio (Alan Wake, Max Payne).

It is already possible to gain control through eShop. By taking this, you will notice that the download is very fast and for good reason: your console Only a few MB application is required To access the cloud. When done, you can shoot control and play with good graphics at 60 fps and even enable ray-tracing (but limit to 30 fps). The game costs 40 euros, but you can play for ten minutes to see if you like the game and especially if you have an internet connection.

The flip side is that you need access to the server to play and Sometimes long queues are tolerated.

Control, the first in a long series

Control over the switch is no exception, as Nintendo intends to offer other games of this type via the cloud. Hitman 3 has already been announced And should come into small consoles in the coming months.

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If this is new to Europe, this cloud gaming service on the switch Has been in Japan for a long time. For example, it is possible to make the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey through these means. The same goes for Resident Evil VII.

Cloud gaming is becoming more and more standard these days, especially with Stadia, XCloud and now Switch. And you, have you tried for Control On Switch? What do you think about the arrival of cloud gaming on the machine? Tell us in the comments!