November 27, 2022

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Lock des Dukes-Montagness | SQ asks for help from Boaters to find the man’s body

Lock des Dukes-Montagness |  SQ asks for help from Boaters to find the man's body

(Montreal) Authorities are seeking help to locate 22-year-old Antoine Paquin after his boat sank six months ago in the Lock des Dukes-Montagnes waters after a fishing operation. .

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Sorrento du Quebec returned to the scene of the tragedy on Saturday, but this time the Boaters sought help.

From 8am on Saturday, several police officers on the Certe du Quebec watercraft cross the Lock des Dukes-Montagnes, taking advantage of the opening of several marinas to meet boaters and residents.

“We have three boats and two personal watercraft that will cross the water bodies in the area to let all the citizens and boaters on the site know about the evidence that will help locate Antoine Paquin,” said Sergeant Helen Nepton of S పోర్reté du Québec (SQ).

Last November, their boat capsized when Antoine Paquin and his friend Dylan Agar went on a fishing trip in the Lock des Dukes-Montagnes.

“Dylan Agger’s body was found on April 19, about 50 kilometers from the spot where he last appeared between Saint-Placid and Laval,” said Sergeant Nepton.

“We therefore urge consumers to keep their eyes open and report any evidence linked to Antoine Pacquiao. It could be a sneaker or a hat for example. At that time, citizens are invited to communicate with 911, ”said an SQ spokesman.

Both the research and the SQ investigation on this issue are ongoing, especially in collaboration with trained volunteers in this regard.

“This research and research will continue, but not always in this field and will depend on where the evidence leads us,” said Sergeant Helen Nepton. There has been a lot of research since November and it is ongoing ”.

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