May 28, 2022

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Owners will need to re-invent the office

Owners will need to re-invent the office

Telecommuting was difficult for many workers, but for others the change turned out to be positive.

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With the decolonization announced by the Legalt government, many Cubans will soon have to return to work physically and not everyone will be happy.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Downtown Montreal and Quebec Urban Development Institute, more than 75% of people want to work from home more than half a week. Many companies facing such a nostalgia for teleworking need to use creativity to find and retain their employees.

“We need to redefine the office, we need to see it as more of a crossroads, we’ll go to the office to meet there,” said Melanie Bovin, senior designer at ADHOC Architects, Voss Affairs. Wind waves of LCN.

Melanie Bovine believes that offices should not only make them places of socialization, but also reverse the ratio between places for cooperation and those dedicated to personal work.

“The office should be attractive and promote well-being beyond safety instructions,” she adds.

The designer believes that employees should consult on the transformation of their work environment.

“You really have to take the approach of what people think and feel about what’s going on on the pitch,” explains Melanie Bowin.

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