May 24, 2022

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PQ promised to leave the Quebec-Lewis tunnel if it took power

PQ promised to leave the Quebec-Lewis tunnel if it took power

The tunnel between Quebec and Lewis is according to PQ head Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon A mad project that does not meet real needs, especially considering that the government has not made available the studies that guide its choices.

Party Cubacois Classification: Quebec is not crowded, or does not exist much, and nothing justifies such a Pharonic project.

According to Statistics Canada, only 2.3% of Capital-National area residents spend more than an hour in their car., Recalled the training in a press release.

For party transportation spokesman Joel Arsenio, the CAQ insisted on ending the project, which was purely for electoral purposes.

If Prime Minister Legalt speaks of the project as 10 out of 10, he wants to revive it by spending $ 10 billion on 10 members of Capital-National.

A quote from:Joel Arseno, Party Cubacois Transport Representative

Joel Arseno, Member of Parliament for Ols-de-La-Madeleine

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Coulomb

Economically and environmentally inexplicable, the third link project between Quebec and Lewis cannot bring about how much it will cost Quebecs, MP Arseno continues.

What we expected from the government was to demonstrate the need for this project. He did not do it and it was a lie when he provoked the utility with despair for eastern Quebec., Ended the member for Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

CAQ continues and codes

Friday, Several elected officials from eastern Quebec have expressed their frustration with the CAQ’s claims.

For them, other projects such as installing reliable river services or extending the 20 to Mont-Jolie will help more than a tunnel 300 kilometers from Remoski.

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Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Julian, who was questioned by Radio-Canada about the reluctance, remained in office.

Jonathan Julian, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources.

Jonathan Julian, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

Photo: Radio-Canada / Mark-Andre Turjan

Yes, they will benefit from this third link, announced Deputy for Charlesburg. In terms of freight, in terms of the economic development of their area.

Mr Julian said he understood the mayors’ preference was nowhere to be found other than the third link result, but confirmed that improvements to the long-demanded North Shore and Gaspe river crossings in the region were possible. Proceed with the tunnel.

We must not place their priorities against sophisticated, broader priorities. We can do it, we should do both.

A quote from:Jonathan Julian, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

With information from Pierre-Alexander Boldak