July 1, 2022

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Quebec Tunnel: 10 billion to further pollute

Quebec Tunnel: 10 billion to further pollute

A new scientific study this week tells us that the thermometer in the Arctic is running faster than expected, with the Legalt government putting pressure on the accelerator of the climate crisis with its project for a third connection between Quebec and Lewis.

Urban expansion, destruction of natural environments and farmland, increase in use of solo cars, concrete construction, health problems associated with urban traffic and pollution … these are just a few examples of environmental costs and social services 10 billion for this road infrastructure under the St. Lawrence River Dollars are backed ated.

Who should pay?

We are taxpayers, though! But most of all our children will also experience the economic and environmental consequences of this crazy project.

However, there is a way to meet the mobility needs of the population differently and at a lower cost. Although the CAQ covers the ears, the experts seem unanimous.

Good options

Establishing more park-and-ride spaces by ensuring faster and more efficient public transportation on the outskirts of congested areas will help reduce road congestion, thanks to reserved lanes.

Improving the efficiency of the ferry service will also help a lot.

Once in the city center, make sure it is very easy to turn around without a car. Self-service trams, buses, shared taxis, bicycles and small electric cars as well as simple affordable taxis have proven their worth in modern cities around the world.

In short, we need to make travel other than in a private car faster, more fun and more economical.

The time is fast approaching to modernize our planning options, not just in the Quebec City area.

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Our cities need to be dense and green. We need to give more space to humans and nature to have good neighborly lives where we want to raise our children. We have to use our public funds for that.