May 23, 2022

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Big party in front of the police station

Big party in front of the police station

Several hundred people gathered in a festive atmosphere on Saturday evening in Victoria Park in Quebec City. Although distance and masks were not the rule, most of the people we met were not at all concerned.

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Young and old alike gather around a beer, joint or picnic. Music, dance and Beer-pong At the time of the passage, Rendezvous were at Journal, About 20 h.

There was at least one small confrontation between some people, but it made people in a good mood. Some groups respect distances, while others ignore them altogether. Some said they had already been vaccinated, while others did not.

“When I got here, I had the impression that COVID no longer existed,” said Christopher Lemieux, 23, who traveled with friends from Beauce to a skateboard in Quebec City. He recently saw pictures of Vibe on social media at Victoria Park and went there with many friends to enjoy it.

Keep in mind that open meetings are still not allowed in the Red Zone, for Capitol-National and Chowder-Appalaches.

Contactless sports and leisure activities are allowed in public places up to a maximum of eight people from the same address or from different residences.

“It’s really fun,” Catherine, 24, also began, noting that the police were patient. This is not the first time she has been to the park with her friends and there is an atmosphere at the party. “I believe the majority will be vaccinated,” began his 21-year-old comrade Camille.

Police officers were present at the scene. The police station is near the park.

“Throughout the epidemic, I’m worried, but I’m low on the vaccine,” Matilde Matkovic, 39, said, honoring the distance with those around him.

The groups sat in a circle, at the appropriate time, she noted.

The Quebec City Police Department confirms that this is not the first weekend where people have gathered at the scene.

At the Cap - Saint-Jacques Nature Park west of Montreal, the hot sun and beautiful weather attracted over 300 revelers.

Photo Martin Alari

At the Cap – Saint-Jacques Nature Park west of Montreal, the hot sun and beautiful weather attracted over 300 revelers.

Not only in Quebec, people took advantage of the good weather. Hundreds of revolvers gathered Saturday on the closed Montreal beach without respecting health instructions, where there was no police or employee surveillance at the end of the day.

No alcohol, no music, no hugs, no dancing and no mask: the beach at Cop-Saint-Jacques Nature Park is like that.

Condition D does not guaranteer Jacques Lapierre, retired virologist.

“The differences are very contagious. No distance is respected. No extra mask. Outside, it is clear that the virus is very thin. But there are always dangers. Especially since young people received their dosage. It can take weeks to be effective. ”

Earlier this week, Health Minister Christian Dubey criticized the Revelers’ behavior at Oka Beach, warning that the beaches should not become the next gym or concert.

– In collaboration with Francis Pylon and QMI Agency

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