May 17, 2022

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Former mayor of Riviere-du-Loop, Michelle Morin, not seen in Temiscota

According to SQ, A 56-year-old man left his home Saturday morning to go to Lock Noir in Saint-Athanase.

Police found his vehicle late in the evening. The Sorrento du Quebec helicopter was unsuccessful to the surrounding area last night.

We are talking about an area of ​​trees that is very difficult to access, which can only be explored on foot, Explains the representative SQ, Helen Nepton.

At this point, patrolmen are visiting the surrounding houses to find out if the fisherman has been found.

A quote from:Helen Nepton, Certe du Quebec Representative

Thirty police officers are involved in the search in the Lock Noir sector. జ Mountaineering with a motorcycle And the lifeboat is used.

Mrs. Nepton adds that it is not impossible SQ Uses volunteers, but not currently.

The mayor of St. Athanasius, Andre St.-Pierre, said Michelle Morin would visit the area frequently. As far as I know, he was alone this time. Except usually, he would come with some friends from the River-do-Loop, He explains.

It is a remote area and the forests are very dense. The only place he could walk, in my opinion, was on the river.

A quote from:Andre St.-Pierre, mayor of St. Athanasius

Mayor of St. Athanasius, Andre St.-Pierre.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Samuel Ranger

Water is very high at this time of year. More than June or July. I imagine why SQ did not ask for the help of volunteers to find him, the question that there were no other incidents., Concluded Mayor St.-Pierre.

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