May 22, 2022

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Jedi Gaming has updated its logo for the Summer Split

Jedi Gaming has updated its logo for the Summer Split

LPL has used JD Gaming Management of the Season to update their League of Legends team logo for the Summer Split 2021 season.

JD Gaming, Mi-Demon, Mi-Mecha

The famous Chinese company that won the Summer Split of LPL Season 2020 announced a new and significant change at its brand level and especially at its logo level through a message posted on social networks. The club’s management took advantage of the off-season to regain its image, much more than the radical change that would be placed in the next competitive division.

Like FunPlus Phoenix last December, the Jedi Gaming team set aside its white monster to adopt a more classic style with its three-character logo. The letters are red and the letters J and G are designated to indicate the monster horns from the old logo; With respect to the sub⁇ lago, it takes the form of a trident. As described Querten (The company also designed’s uniform for TI9 and Gambit Sports in 2020), the revamped style of this logo is based on two concepts at once: the bad, preserved and modified from the previous style, and the mecha theme: the future image of machine-robots. An additional feature of this new logo is the similarity with the “trident” emoji, which allows them to use it in their social media marketing strategy.

This change of logo will undoubtedly be accompanied by a change in the clothing collection, the jerseys will be officially unveiled in the next few days on the occasion of the first day of LPL Summer Split 2021.

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