May 22, 2022

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On May 14 in Sutton, John was about to join his friend Kyla. John climbs up the hill from Yi Woodard and Kyla climbs up. They half-heartedly agreed to meet.

Like PatrickLike Patrick

John lowered the slope Long board, Which is similar to a skateboard, but much thinner.

John, 14, fell. He was going fast. Not a small dot. Unconscious, the severely wounded Kyla finds John on the way.

With her heart pounding, Kyla Yovan ran a kilometer to her parents’ house. Heartbreaking, with the thought of leaving John like that, on the side of the road. But Kyla has no choice. We had to call for help.

John was taken to Cowansville Hospital and later to CHU Florimont in Sherbrook as his condition worsened.

I said it was a very bad fall. Skull fracture, cerebral hemorrhage.

In the intensive care unit, doctors were apprehensive about John’s condition and understood everything without Martin and Josie having to say.

We had to prepare for the worst.

What’s the worst?

We are talking about permanent nerve damage. Josie and Martin began to see John in the hospital, hoping the storm would go away and praying not to lose their son.


Josie and Martin are wine growers in Sutton, not far from the church. Search for domain girard on the internet, it is not. Opening the vineyard is a five-year upstream work without even a single bottle to witness patient labor. Domain Girard should start bottling next August.

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press

Domain Girard in Sutton

Nowadays, in the vineyards of Quebec, it is pruning season, the vines are pruned. I said in summary: each vine has ten branches, and you must make eight raisins to concentrate the grapes on the remaining two branches. The window for wine pruning is very small, a few weeks these days.

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But for Josie and Martin, it was scrapped. Their 6,000 frontenac and sewal plants will have to wait for pruning. They saw John in the hospital: there was no time to train employees and cut the wires. Impossible this year.

Martin’s friend, Stefan Chavigni, came up with the idea of ​​asking Michelle Robert, one of his winegrower friends, from C రూte d’Ivoire: “Michelle, I have friends who are in trouble, their son’s condition is hospital. Those who make grapes …

Can you give a loan?

Michelle Robert, the Big Boss of the transport company Group Robert, did not do one or two and sent an email to her friends and fellow Quebec wine growers’ network on Wednesday morning …

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press

Michelle Robert, of the Fort Rosemont vineyard, arranged for Domain Girard to protect the vines.

His message began: “One of our fellow wine growers is in dire need …”

Michael Robert announced that CH – Charles-Henry de Cousergus, de l’Orpailour – was already on site to assess pruning requirements and would send his own vineyard, Cotio Roosemont, three guys and a supervisor to “get the ball rolling”. ..

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press

Charles-Henry de Cousergus, his grandson Louis and his son-in-law Alain Bazinet from the Orpilur vineyard

Who is on board? Asked Michelle Robert.

Everyone came on board. Wine growers who have not been directly contacted, but have heard of Domain Girard’s history among the branches, have also come forward …

Photo provided by Christian Bouchard

Workers who came to lend a hand in Domain Girard’s vineyards in Sutton

L’Arpilloor, Cote d’Ivoire, Chateau de Cortes, Grand Saint-Charles, Cartier Potell and Corville: Josie Tremble and Martin Girard all sent weapons and experts to prevent the vineyards from falling. Don’t forget Dura-Club’s David hosting. And the neighbors, Mary-France Palidori and Gregor Kodiak, supplied this labor force that fell from the sky …

Photo provided by Martin Girard

Domain Girard employee Jean Florence Leclerc and Martin Girard son Edward

“They weren’t going to lose their entire crop, but it was confusing,” Michelle Robert told me to explain how much spring pruning is needed. The wire grows! If you do not prune, it will affect the structure of your plan for years… especially from their vineyard, which is only from 2017. It is important to prune well in the beginning. Otherwise, it will be difficult to bring it back, then… ”

I joined Charles-Henri de Cousergus from El Orpilur.

“Martin was impressed, wine growers, he saw we stand!

– Do you know him?

– Not at all! “

This is something extraordinary about this story of solidarity between Quebec winegrowers: not everyone who gave a hand to Martin Girard and Josie Tremblay is aware that the domain Girard is a very small growth.

Michelle Robert summed it up for me very simply: “If this happens to me, I want someone to come and help me …”

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press

Stefan Lamar, the winemaker of the Chateau de Cortes Vineyard, also lent a hand in Domain Girard’s vineyards.

On Friday, Martin was with Josie Joan at the bedside when local wine growers cut the twigs of Future Domain Girard’s vines. The 24 pairs of weapons that worked with Martin completed the task. The wires were all cut and tied. Most of the weeding was done.

Martin can look at John, with Josie, with peace of mind.


I contacted Martin Girard, one of his friends, Christian Bouchard, who introduced me to this extraordinary story of mutual aid.

Martin agreed to talk to me, to tell me his family’s gratitude for these united wine growers, he only knew by name. He has not yet returned to this influx of mutual aid: “Other wine growers know that we opened in August, that a vineyard would work for five years without touching a penny …”

Speaking of money, Martin Girard wanted to save them, for this saving motivation – “they saved our crop” – but he was well warned by other wine growers: it’s free, take care of your guys

The father-winemaker agreed to talk to me to emphasize one crucial fact: “Kyla John saved my life. I know she was upset to leave him there by the side of the road. If she does not run to our house, we will talk about him in the past. ”

And in Tiptoe I asked:

“And little one, how is he?”

– He’s good, replied Martin Girard. We will have no repercussions from the chance of losing him on Tuesday.

John speaks, he even takes a few steps. He surprises the doctors.

Looks like the garbage is blown away. Miracles seem to exist and sometimes they do not happen by themselves.