December 8, 2022

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An emotional victory for Patrice Bergeron

An emotional victory for Patrice Bergeron

Some playoff moments surpassed hockey. This was evident during the embrace between Patrice Bergeron and Jedeno Chara after the Capitals were hastily eliminated in five games at the hands of the Bruins. The two great leaders, now rivals, have their 14 previous seasons in the same organization.

The former Bruins captain, who jumped to the capitals, may have played at season 44 of his last career.

The man who came after him in his post in Boston recognized the impact that Chara had had on his progress and never missed the opportunity to greet him in the way he did on the ice. Rather than a purely formal handshake, the two proud soldiers had the opportunity to hug each other warmly and exchange good words.

“In the end, it was a special moment to look at him from the other side and spend some time with him. Of course, I will always be grateful for everything he did for the company, but also for me. I was young when he came to Boston, and I learned a lot from him, ”Bergeron said in a telephone interview. Newspaper.

“We became a good duo and we helped each other a lot. He and I became friends beyond hockey players and it’s not the end. We will take care of each other no matter what happens next. His family is still in Boston. It’s still a different handshake. We played together for fourteen years and We have a special bond, “said Kubeker.

Not distracting

Bergeron said in his first season with the “C” stitched on his Bruins jersey, he did not feel extra pressure to face his mentor in the playoffs.

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“It’s special, but you’re trying to stay in your game right now and control what you can do as a team. We played eight regular season games against the capitals, so it definitely helped our preparation. Facing Jedeno in the first game of the season is more special than in the playoffs. ”He said.

Naturally, it must be said that Bergeron played a big role in the Bruins leadership, even before the transition was formal.

“I will be myself and apply the leadership of the past. I will continue to learn and use the help I have with all the other leaders in the locker room. I will make sure that they have a place where they deserve to be good leaders. This is the way of my work. Nothing has changed except the letter,” he said. .

One step

While the Bruins were eventually winners in five games, three games required overtime and Bergeron enjoyed being on the right side of the fence.

“We have very close matches. It’s hard to win everything and it can go one way or another. Our resilience ensures that we find a way to win even after losing, ”said the man who scored four points.

A team in full confidence

Many wondered before this season if the Bruins would not decline. Prior to the series with Capitals, they also inherited neglected status. The road still continues. “We have confidence in ourselves. We know we have talent and experience. We also rely on young people who play an important role in growing, improving and growing year after year in the organization.

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“We know we have doubts about ourselves, but internally, we should not be surprised by the outcome. We have been overlooked in expectations, but we know we can achieve something unique with this team. Concept Inside the locker room, ”said the tireless 35-year-old center.

Feet on the ground

Now the Bruins road continues in the second round against the series winner between the Penguins and the Islanders.

If he’s proud to have gone through his gang capitals, Bergeron will not get caught up in a game that looks too far back in time.

“We believe in ourselves, but from the beginning of the year, we’ve built without looking too far ahead. It’s suddenly premature to say we’re going for the cup. We focused on getting a place in the playoffs and we’ve got there, we know it’s giving us a chance to reach our final goal. We took care and now we go to the second step. “

In the regular season, the Bruins are 5-3 against the Penguins and 3-3-2 against the Islanders.

“As a competitor, the worst thing you can do is want an opponent. We can let it go. Of course we follow the games carefully, ”said the Bruins captain.