May 24, 2022

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Mega Fitness Gym: Gilbolt Alerts Public Health

Mega Fitness Gym: Gilbolt Alerts Public Health

Public Health Minister Genevieve Gilbolt himself reported violations of sanitary instructions at the Maga Fitness Gym in Quebec last summer.

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When asked about the TVA Novelles report that at least 700 Kovid-19 cases were reported due to the spread of the center, she explained that she intervened on July 20 after hearing about these violations.

“Do you have a lot of customers, is it open every day?” I do not know. He is thought to have violated public health regulations and is the owner of the question, “she told a news conference on Wednesday.

Is under surveillance

A few days before the reopening of the mega fitness gym, when the Capitol-National area moved into the “Orange Zone” on May 31, Genevieve Gilbolt hoped that its owner, Dan Marino, would “learn from his mistakes.”

“Tell me this is not something we are very proud of in Capitol-National,” she admitted.

  • Listen to an interview with Genevieve Gilbolt on QUB Radio:

For its part, Public Health also stressed that, on Wednesday, monitor the establishment “closely”.

“We will not allow a situation that affects the health and safety of the population to recur,” wrote Matthew Bovine, media relations at Capital-National’s Public Health.

Although it is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that everyone applies health measures, Public Health emphasizes its role in ensuring that “he or she takes responsibility.”

In an interview with several media outlets on Tuesday, he lashed out at some, saying, “But we should not blame ourselves for the five or six idiots who roam around the gym without a mask.”

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“Respect the rules”

Whether the establishment has the right to reopen, the Minister of Public Safety is reminded that the question does not concern her and relies on public health regulations.

“I ask him to respect the rules of public health and (…) I believe the saga in which he lived. […], I believe he will respect the rules after that, ”said Genevieve Gilbolt.

The same is true for the opposition parties, which have called on the government to closely monitor the reopening of the mega fitness gym.


“I hope Public Health will follow this very closely, so there’s no need to restore anything similar to what we experienced in this story, it’s a really devastating story,” said the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominic Anglade.

“I do not know if it’s a criminal, but it’s not morally permissible.

“It could be the office, it could be the daycare, it could be the other place that is really neglected when it comes to health activities that endanger the population,” the department head said. Party Cubacois, Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon.

“And, almost everywhere, in the face of this danger that is happening anywhere, it is up to the government to ensure rapid follow-ups,” he said.

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