July 6, 2022

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Remoski and Forestville lost ferries over the summer

Remoski and Forestville lost ferries over the summer

Ferry CNM Evolution, Which connects Rimowski and Forestville, will be covered at the port this summer, TVA Novelles learned Wednesday.

The ship owner made the decision for fear of sailing for the second year in a row.

“I’m sorry to be forced to stop, we’ve been traveling for 22 years, but now we’re finally on the rope,” the owner explained. CNM Evolution, Hilary Journalt. “After several months of reflection, if we start the season, we will reach the end of the year with a deficit,” he said.

Due to the short period and the lack of international tourists, the ferry owner suffered financial losses of more than 000 100,000 last year – collateral damage from the pandemic.

“For five years, we have received government funding that has paid back 50% of our work and is there. In 2021, the program is no more,” Jornalt said.

“Trois-Pistols has $ 5 million to repair its boat, $ 150,000 for a small ferry across Lake Temiscauta, literally $ 1 million [alors que] We have zero and then a bar, ”said Mr. Jornalt.

Mr Jornalt said he hopes to get government help for the next few years if the page is turned this season, before there is an official response from the government to his final grant application. This will allow the ship to be put back on the water in 2022.

Government intervention requested

Myers, Michelin Anktil of Forestville, emphasized the importance of maritime relations to the region in terms of tourism and economics. She is asking the regional government for 000 100,000 emergency assistance to guarantee the coming season.

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“I think 000 100,000 is legal and it’s not a big deal to guarantee this season,” said M.To me Uncle.

Elected officials hope the government will respond to the call to save the 2021 season and have high expectations for the future.

“It simply came to our notice then [municipaux et provinciaux] Take the problem seriously and find a lasting solution, ”said Rimoski Mayor Mark Parent.

“I hope there will be better options for the Remoski-Forestville link,” said the Mayor of Forestville.

Owner of CNM Evolution He told TVA Novelles that its decision could be overturned if the government decides to intervene quickly and generously.