May 23, 2022

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$ 75 as a gift to attract tourists to the Quebec City area

$ 75 as a gift to attract tourists to the Quebec City area

L ‘OTQ It hopes to encourage tourists to spend more in shops and restaurants. The prepaid credit card is mostly used only in the Quebec City area. The costs of this initiative are estimated at 2 12.2 million, of which 6 are estimated by the Quebec government to be 8.6 million.

The office hopes to increase occupancy rates by 10 to 15% with this measure. The financial benefits to hotels, restaurants and merchants are estimated at 70 million million.

With an investment of $ 12 million to animate the city, Regis Labum confirms that this is the largest publicity campaign of the last ten years.

We have not seen the risky, 400th date we have invested so much [anniversaire de Québec]. We will invest even more money for the typical offer. This is still a total of 27 million, Argued the mayor of Quebec.

Mayor LaBeoum is confident that the investments will bring significant economic benefits to the region.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Carl Bovine

Investment Is required

According to him, it is an important investment to ensure the survival of as many accommodation companies, shops and restaurants as possible.

To qualify for the Gift 75 gift card, customers must book their nights directly with hotels. Some 120,000 packages are available and this offer is valid from June 24th to October 11th.

$ 75 creates value added, creates goodwill, creates usability. This is beyond direct government assistance.

A quote from:Regis Labyum, Mayor of Quebec

Tourism Minister Caroline Prouls felt it was an excellent campaign to revive the tourism sector in the region.

The best way to help hotels in Quebec and Quebec is to put money in the pockets of Quebecs to create financial activities and generate financial spinoffs., She says.

Caroline Proulks addressed a press conference to journalists.

Minister Caroline Proulx believes the campaign announced Thursday will help revive the tourism sector in the Quebec City area.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Carl Bovine


A series of commercials will also air from Monday. The campaign will give a voice to the people of Mexico, South Korea and France who have canceled their plans to visit Quebec due to the epidemic.

You are so close, go ahead, Launches one of the frustrated tourists to entice people from the province to go to the capital area.

The Quebec Tourism Office said the health condition could extend to Ontario in the summer if travel between the two provinces is allowed.

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