May 20, 2022

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At Lord’s, nearly 500 people were recalled after being vaccinated in small doses

At Lord's, nearly 500 people were recalled after being vaccinated in small doses

Relevant individuals will need to undergo two serological tests following this defect to check their antibody level.

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France’s Blue Born Bigore reported on Thursday, May 27, that nearly 500 people in Lourdes had recalled receiving the low-dose vaccine last Saturday.

The relevant vaccination center observed that the vaccine bottle was diluted not once but twice. Serological tests had to be initiated to ensure that all people who received the dose were well protected from Kovid-19.

By perceiving the difference between the number of people vaccinated on the same day and the number of theoretical doses, depending on the number of pots used, the vaccination center officials observed an error. By mistake, they quickly realize that a bottle has been melted down twice. The error was harmless and harmless to those who were vaccinated that day. A departmental delegation from the Regional Health Service (ARS) warned that 467 people would be recalled.

These individuals are eligible for two serological examinations over a period of ten days. The first tests took place this Thursday and will continue until Saturday. Then all these people will have the right to a new serological test between June 3rd and 5th. Measurement of the evolution of antibodies during this time period makes it possible to determine whether they have received a well-administered vaccine. Those who do not take the appropriate dose in this case can be vaccinated from June 7.