June 29, 2022

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“Friends”: Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and David Schwimmer (Ross) are almost a real couple

"Friends": Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and David Schwimmer (Ross) are almost a real couple

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have had an almost love affair since the beginning of filming Friends, Where they played the legendary couple Rachel and Ross, revealed two actors in a special show dedicated to the series and posted online on Thursday.

“The first season, I’m very impressed with Jen,” said David Schwimmer during a panel discussion of six lead actors, to which Jennifer Aniston replied: “It’s reciprocal.” An attraction that did not escape from other “friends” was revealed by Matthew Perry (Chandler) and Courtney Cox (Monica).

“But it’s like two boats crossing each other because one of us is still in a relationship,” the New York actor said. “And we did not cross it. We respected it.”

“I remember saying to David, ‘It’s a shame we’m kissing on television for the first time,'” said the actress, who won an Emmy in the role of Rachel in 2002.

“And the first time we kissed was in this cafe,” Jennifer Aniston continued on the now-famous Central Perk, the seventh episode of the second season. “So we invested our adoration and our love in Ross and Rachel.”

Special broadcast of Friends, Posted online on Thursday on the HBO Max in the United States and the Salto platforms in France, especially in the context of providing some other stories on the relationship between Monica and Chandler.

Monica et Chandler

The show was actually “actually, they had to sleep together in London” according to creator David Crane, but it was “a short story”. He refers to the last “The One Who Morrises” episode of Season 4, in which Monica and Chandler end up in the same bed.

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But the public response (this series was filmed in front of an audience), with more than 20 seconds of joy when Monica emerged from under the sheets, touched the writers. “We realized there was still a lot to exploit and we had to take care of it,” recalled series co-creator Martha Kaufman.

People’s pressure

On a more serious note, Matthew Perry opened a scene that was very brief about his troubles during filming. “I thought I would die if they didn’t laugh,” he told the audience in the room. “And it’s not healthy, it’s obvious.”

“You never told us,” Lisa Kudro (Phoebe) replied. The “everyday” of filming, the actor insisted, was addicted to opiates and alcohol, from which he said he was now free.