May 30, 2023

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COVID-19 Lottery: Winner Wants New … Used Car

COVID-19 Lottery: Winner Wants New ... Used Car

The first million dollar lottery winner in Ohio wants to buy a new car, but looks into the car.

We now know the first two winners of this lottery who want to encourage Ohio citizens to get vaccinated. A ticket to participate in this lottery is not required, only proof of vaccination.

The first draw was won by Abigail Bugenske. Despite this gain, the 22-year-old student keeps both feet on the ground.

“I’m thinking of buying a car, but not a Lamborghini or anything and donating a few dollars to the foundations,” said Abigail Bugenske.

The most surprising thing is that she wants to buy a used car.

“I had a test drive scheduled for this afternoon, but it was canceled, but I’m definitely going to continue looking for a customer for my new car,” she explains.

With this million, she wants to continue her studies in aerospace engineering.

Unlike the regular lottery where you have a legal age to participate, “Wax a Million” also offers a category for minors.

Teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 can receive a full scholarship to college.

Joseph Costello, who won the draw on Friday, is just 14, so he can go to university without having to worry about tuition fees.

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