March 21, 2023

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Dismissal of political personnel: Both unions withdraw their trust in the block member

Dismissal of political personnel: Both unions withdraw their trust in the block member

The two unions are working together to condemn the dismissal of non-union political personnel by a black MP and to drain their trust.

Rimowski-Niget – Temiskota – Les Basques, Maxim Blanchett-Jonkas, suddenly showing the door among his five employees: Richard Dagel, Patrick Saint-Jacques, Nancy Gagne and former director. Black Cubacois General, Gregory Buruba.

The young deputy team from the bottom of the river is the envy of many other elected sovereigns: it has no less than 120 years of political experience. Mr. Burubey is one of the most experienced managers in Quebec.


However, it was not the leadership of the Black Cubacos, but the human resources of the House of Commons that carried out the removal of the four politicians on the basis of the alleged “breach of trust” by the deputy who entered the election. Municipalities in 2019. He made no public justification for explaining the situation.

“My priority as a member of the Rimoski-Niget – Temiscauta – Les Basques is to represent my riders to the best of my ability. To do this, I have decided to break up with some of my team members, to whom I wish for the future,” he said.

“No one can tarnish the reputation of the four professionals identified in their community and among their peers without further transparency and full discipline,” lamented Yves-Aimee Bowley, FTQ’s regional adviser.

“Nothing will allow us to conclude that the four people who were fired did anything wrong,” said Nancy Legendre, president of the CSN Central Council of Boss-Saint-Laurent. “Shooting 80% of the crew is serious and it feels a little wrong.”

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Salary request

Based on the information obtained Newspaper, The member actually fired his employees because at the beginning of Mr. Blanchett-Jonkas’ order they demanded an increase in the annual salary of $ 10,000 to meet the financial subsidies they had made for financial protection.

Despite the election wind blowing over Parliament Hill, the member now has to rebuild his team.

“He tried to settle the financial request by doubling the amounts requested”, Gregor sighed to Burbe. Journal.

Political expense

The political administrator stressed that the sudden reaction of the unions when it comes time for re-election would cause significant political expense to the young deputy and that he needed as much support as possible on the ground.

“How do you want to hand over a hard worker file or any union issue to a person who is seriously dismissing his staff.” The bond of trust is irreversibly broken, ”said Mr. Bowley.

“This deputy is part of a progressive structure. Did he really integrate the positions he advocates every day in the House of Commons?”To me Legendre.