July 5, 2022

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Naked Deputy, Take 2: Conservative calls for punishment on William Amos

Naked Deputy, Take 2: Conservative calls for punishment on William Amos

Elected Conservative MP William Amos has called for punishment, after appearing naked in front of his colleagues through a camera in his office last month, this time he was seen urinating in the middle of a parliamentary committee.

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The Liberal MP for Pontiac apologized in a statement posted on his social networks on Thursday evening, saying he was stepping down as House Leader to seek “appropriate support”.

However, for Karen Vecchio, excuses are no longer enough: urinating in front of his colleagues is contempt of parliament, which deserves permission.

“This is the second time Mr Amos has appeared naked to his colleagues in the House of Commons, and the house, virtual or, should be freed from this kind of unacceptable behavior,” he said. During the intervention in the Commons on Friday.

During Paul Arcand’s morning show on Friday, host Bernard Drainville revealed the controversy by revealing that William Amos had defecated over a cup of coffee in order not to interrupt his telephone conversation.

The version of these events was confirmed by a journalist National Post On Twitter shortly after.

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Everything would have happened during the actual discussions of the parliamentary committee, which have been going on mostly in Zoom since the beginning of the epidemic.

After a briefing on the rules governing ownership in the Commons, Ms. Vecchio argued, “Opening your camera and connecting to the house zoom system is like opening one of the doors behind me and walking up to it. Any of the 338 seats in this stately room ”.

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“There, we reached the second case, which is heartbreakingly embarrassing. If it’s a health problem, I want him to get the help he needs,” said Richmond-Ardabasca Conservative MP Alain Reyes in an interview with LCN.

“In this case, I think what he did was wrong, it is clear,” said NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. “I don’t know what the problem is, but he needs help and I believe he can get the help he needs,” he said.

The Liberals have not yet officially responded to this embarrassing incident.

In addition to the reactions in Ottawa, the Liberal MP has been making headlines around the world, including in the prestigious daily “The New York Times” and the BBC.

The Speaker of the House of Commons must decide whether a member’s negligence for Pontiac is eligible for a grant.

Take a second

Last month, William Amos was shocked at Adam’s outfit when he returned from a jog. He did not realize that his camera had been activated and that member of the Black Cubacos Sebastian Lemire had immortalized the scene.

The deputy’s picture was shared with the media, and Mr. Lemir, who was outraged that the film had provoked him, had to apologize in the House. However, he insisted that he did not share the photo with any journalist and did not know how it ended up in the media.

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