July 7, 2022

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Changes at SK Gaming

Changes at SK Gaming

Just days before the start of the Summer Split, SK Gaming announced a change in its five lineup, with TinX being discontinued and Treatz’s swap role.

SK Gaming is making a catastrophic change

After finishing 6th in the general rankings at the end of the regular season and 6th in the playoffs, SK Gaming has decided to make some changes to its five compositions for the LEC Summer Split Season 2021. Some time ago the club management announced that Christian ‘Tinx’ was sidelining Hansen, so he would step aside any summer with the status of an alternative player. An announcement on the German Structure website stated that SK Gaming would support TNX’s search for a new team, and that they were committed to making the transition as simple and smooth as possible.

Truth be told, this is not the place we expected. Making changes too close to the start of the split is far from ideal, but our team felt those changes were necessary to move forward. This decision came collectively from the team, and if each member disagrees with it, especially Treatz, we cannot take action on it.

In place of TinX, SK Gaming chose Eric “Treatz” Wesson so he could “swap roll”, leaving his support duties and becoming the new jungle for the Summer Split; As for the assistant position, it will be taken over by head coach Jesse “Jesజ్s”, and Jesజ్s will be replaced by Thomas “Tom” Deacon as head coach.

Initially, we ed ed more traditional junger restorations, but due to the nature of the time and contract, we were unable to reach an agreement on time. We discussed the possibility of selecting a regional level player, but in the end we decided not to do so in order to maintain our team’s culture and attitude towards development for all current members. Maintaining this synergy was one of our main goals, and with our previous list we struggled to achieve the goal we set out to achieve. Overall, Treatz is a very intelligent player with previous experience as a jungler and is already facilitating most of our engagement in the final split. We believe he has all the tools he needs to succeed in his new role. […] We are aware of the risk associated with these changes. However, we were not happy with our appointment in the final section and we wanted to play as high as possible. Everyone on this team is very ambitious and we hope you can prove this division. Thank you for your support so far, please trust us.


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