May 23, 2022

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Secret sounds detected near downtown Quebec | Capital | News | The sun

Secret sounds detected near downtown Quebec |  Capital |  News |  The sun

City inspectors have been working to identify the source of the unusual noise ever since. During the investigation, various transmitters such as construction of ventilation units and port or industrial activity were verified.

The White Birch Papers factory was finally targeted to cause the roaring noises after the city’s operations, spokesman David O’Brien confirmed Friday.

“The source of the unusual noise is the low frequency frequency oscillation caused by the vacuum pump vents on the roof of the White Birch Papers mill,” he wrote in an email.

This is the hypothesis of some readers Soleil, The factory’s neighbors, point fingers at its noisy equipment.

Less life, more noise

Although some citizens claim to have heard the sound of low frequency encies puns for a long time, the first request in this case was not registered until March 25th. It seems to have sounded calm after the curfew was dropped, David O’Brien said.

There were no cars or revelers to bury him, so the “noise beating” that had already traveled so far could be heard more in the evening and at night because of the noise of White Birch.

“The noise of the city with car traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city is almost non-existent in the evening.

Other climatic factors, such as wind or weather ceiling, further direct the delegate and also increase his awareness.

Silence again

The Boulevard des Capuchins Paper Production Plant must now make the necessary changes to its facilities to limit the noise that disturbs a portion of the city center population. A mitigation plan is currently being set up to “reduce this low frequency frequency oscillation noise”.

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The city maintains a “close” collaboration with White Birch and keeps the file close.

“Design and construction deadlines are needed though,” Mr O’Brien said.

In addition, Quebec City researchers also found other equipment and noise-producing facilities in the buildings. Owners are informed and they make improvements. The city is now confident that “this exercise will ultimately lead to a reduction in ambient noise”.

So it will take some time for silence to reign again in the city center.