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Sunday Edition of Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Statement – May 30, 2021

Sunday Edition of Canada's Chief Public Health Officer Statement - May 30, 2021

Ottawa, Ann, May 30, 2021 / CNW / – Nature comes to life and the heat starts Canada, It is difficult to experience the symptomatic mania of the summer season. At the same time, many of you are curious about what summer 2021 will be like for you and your loved ones and some of you may even be thinking about the fall and the months to come. These questions are legitimate. We can understand that we are very anxious to find a life that is closer to the life we ​​knew before the epidemic.

Relaxation of public health measures is based on local epidemiological data and vaccine coverage

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recently published a Roadmap Explains what will happen in the next few months due to rising vaccine rates and declining COVID-19 infection rates. It includes indicators of when Canadians will be able to relax sanctions, and what Canadians can do this summer and, optionally, fall when the pandemic limits are lowered.

You’ve heard me say “data, not dates” that guide the relaxation of public health practices at the local level. Typically, local authorities check a number of indicators before easing public health measures, including the following:

  • Transmission of COVID-19 is manageable;
  • Public health has adequate resources to examine, detect, isolate, and detain a large portion of cases and contacts;
  • There are adequate health care resources (including important clinical care resources) to deal with the outbreak;
  • There are risk mitigation measures for high-risk populations and environments.

As with epidemiological trends, immunization coverage plays an important role in determining when epidemic-related restrictions can be lifted. If more people are vaccinated, fewer people are at risk of infection, and we can control the epidemic. States and territories are in various stages of easing restrictions, including the beginning of the re-employment of certain economic and social activities. Most people have initial plans based on a step-by-step approach guided by epidemiology and immunization coverage.

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The experiences of other countries highlight the need to carry out rigorous public health measures when distributing vaccines to a large part of the population, and mitigation of measures should be controlled and systematic in response to reduced rates of COVID-19 infection. Therefore, even if sanctions start to be lifted depending on the circumstances in your area, it is still important for everyone to follow local public health advice and personal protective measures such as physical distance and wearing a shawl. Mask, Whether or not you have been vaccinated. These measures will help keep you, your family and your community safe as the number of fully immunized people increases.

This summer and fall is what we can expect

If COVID-19 cases are declining and vaccine coverage rates are rising, we can expect a gradual easing throughout the summer. PHAC modeling shows us that if 75% of vaccine-eligible people receive their first dose and 20% receive their second dose, they should adhere to the activity as much as possible. External Safe approach until the majority of the population is fully immunized. As long as we follow public health advice, we can enjoy these activities with our family members and with our instant friends outside the home. In other words, we may have more options for outdoor gatherings, social distance and proper safety protocols, backyard barbecues, going to the cottage and a little more beaches. The world!

As the fall approaches, we hope to do more work safelyThe interior, If positive trends in our epidemiology and vaccine coverage continue. Modeling suggests that if 75% of the eligible population is vaccinated, local authorities can lift additional measures that allow in-house operations with large groups without putting too much burden on our hospitals. These include attending school, college and university in person, playing indoor sports and hosting large family gatherings.

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We have every reason to be excited and hopeful for the coming months – our epidemiological curves are moving in the right direction and immune coverage continues to grow across the country. Canada. However, we must not forget that COVID-19 will not be eliminated by the fall and that the virus will continue to grow, so it can play some tricks on us. So we can take more time to relax in all settings (e.g. physical distance and mask wear) or engage in high risk activities such as attending shows. Major sporting events with crowded indoor concerts or spectators.

Above all we need to keep that in mind How quickly we can resume our normal activities really depends on our continuous and collective efforts to protect each other. We get there fast together And We continue to respect Public health measures To stop the spread of the virus and On Vaccinating us.

Good reasons to catch up

It is encouraging to know that we must adhere to the steps we have taken to flatten the curve and give vaccines time to boost our flock immunity There are still many things we can associate with this particular season! Whether it’s enjoying the summer scenery, smells and sounds or participating in an outdoor outdoor activity this year, there are plenty of opportunities across the country. ‘Year!

As we look forward to returning to our normal activities, the progress made (23.1 million doses of vaccine will be given this week and more than 50% reduction in the number of cases compared to the maximum. Of the third wave), as well as by luck we should be in the morning of one of the most beautiful seasons Canada And all the extra opportunities that warm weather brings.

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In a little while, we are getting land and heading for a pleasant summer and a safe fall. By vaccinating more people every day, we get there faster.

Of the Public Health Organization Canada

For more information: Media Relations, Public Health Agency of Canada, 613-957-2983, [email protected]

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