May 24, 2022

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COVID-19 | Not far from CEGEP and university in the fall

COVID-19 |  Not far from CEGEP and university in the fall

(Montreal) Quebec CEGEP students and university students are required to return to campus on one condition: in the fall, they will be in the classroom without distance if they are fully vaccinated at a 75% ratio.

Mary-Eve MorasseMary-Eve Morasse

“Students can find each other in meters, whether in classrooms or in common areas,” Higher Education Minister Daniel McCann told a news conference Monday.

For “planning to work”, “epidemiological conditions” should also be “stable,” the minister urged students to be vaccinated.

“The network is getting ready, but the rest is really in your hands. Going back to school depends on your age, the success of the vaccination campaign between the ages of 16 and 29, ”she said. The Federation des Segeps and the Quebec Student Union broadcast both calls referring to university students.


In the event that vaccination coverage is inadequate or the physical distance needs to be reduced to one meter as COVID-19 cases increase, CEGEPs and universities should develop a “fallback plan”.

  • Vaccine progress in Quebec

    Infographic Press

    Vaccine progress in Quebec

  • Progress of the vaccine in Quebec, according to age

    Infographic Press

    Progress of the vaccine in Quebec, according to age

  • Vaccine coverage in Quebec

    Infographic Press

    Vaccine coverage in Quebec

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The fall session will begin in a few months, in which case it will be “too much work” to repeat the schedule and prepare a plan if the situation worsens, Minister McCann agreed, adding that the institutions of higher education “adhere to the principle of” bringing students back to campus “.

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Daniel McCann, Minister of Higher Education

In a message sent to the university community, the Rector of the University of Montreal, Daniel Jutras, appealed for student patience, noting that “planning is changing”, so many classes now need to be planned. Face-to-face. This is, according to the Rector, “the most desirable re-entry in academic memory”.

No proms

On Monday, high school graduates learned that they would have a traditional graduation party if they were to celebrate something for high school students. Public Health ruled so, but said secondary schools could mark the end of their students’ careers in a special way.

The concept of bubble-class must be respected, and it is everywhere in Quebec, regardless of the color of the zone.

The decision to ban indoor meetings in homes was “not fair”, said National Director of Public Health D.J.r Horacio Arruda.

Second dose of estrogen vaccine: Eight weeks

Health Minister Christian Dubey on Monday clarified the directions surrounding the administration of a second dose of the estrogenaca vaccine. Although some people received a second dose of the vaccine at the Palais des Congress de Montreal this weekend, eight weeks after their first dose, “from now on, it will be eight weeks,” Mr Dubey said. Press conference.

Consult the rulesIs running in your area

In the opinion of experts, this period provides the best protection. The minister said Monday morning that he had “clarified the situation” with the CEOs of CISSS and CIUSSS and those responsible for vaccinations across Quebec.

Strong downward trend

The declining trend in new cases of COVID in Quebec has accelerated. Last week, the province registered an average of 387 cases per day, up from more than 600 the week before. That’s a 37% reduction. A significant drop in hospitalization was also observed. There were just over 20 admissions per day on average due to COVID-19, up from 30 in the previous week.

  • Cases have been confirmed in Quebec

    Infographic Press

    Cases have been confirmed in Quebec

  • Hospitals in Quebec

    Infographic Press

    Hospitals in Quebec

  • Daily deaths in Quebec

    Infographic Press

    Daily deaths in Quebec

  • Samples taken in Quebec

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    Samples taken in Quebec

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Quebec currently has 362 people in hospital and 89 in intensive care. Mortality per week in this province has decreased, averaging five per day. This deteriorating trend continues when the COVID-19 vaccine crosses the 60% mark in the province population receiving at least one dose. 6.8% of the population is considered an “adequate vaccine”, including people who have received two doses and those with COVID-19.

At a press conference on Monday, Minister Dubey suggested that some parks be vaccinated. Asked if he was concerned about seeing so many conventions in parks in recent days, the minister said he “understood” that the population was interested in population decline. But he recalled, “In order to have a good deconfinition and return to normal next September, you need to follow health instructions and get vaccinated.”

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The “very low” vaccine in school

One week before school vaccinations begin, the Quebec Federation of Educational Institutions (FQDE) confirms that “very few” students will eventually be vaccinated directly at school. Transporting students from school to the vaccination clinic via Bubble Class is a preferred option. “It’s really a trend,” said President Nicholas Provost. For a secondary school of 1,500 to 2,000 students, he explained, “we’re talking about three days” to vaccinate adolescents in clinics. Schools can be vaccinated when they are “too, too far” from a school clinic or “in a multi-purpose school of 3000 students”. Vaccinations will be held in schools during the weeks of June 7 and 14. Last week, Quebec announced it was making 100,000 appointments for 12- to 17-year-olds. This group represents 516,000 people.

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