May 24, 2022

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Doping allegations against Jean Pascal | “I have a lot of trouble believing he’s going to do that.”

Doping allegations against Jean Pascal |  "I have a lot of trouble believing he's going to do that."

“It’s very, very sad because boxing doesn’t need it.”

Frederick DuchessniaFrederick Duchessnia

This is the first reaction from Camille Estefon, president of the Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM), about the doping story that Jean Pascal discovered himself.

In fact, it was his second response.

He initially responded to a colleague’s question on the subject, “We do not like to comment on a person who has a little bit of shit.”

Finally, Estephan steps forward.

“I don’t shoot arrows at anyone, but I really want the sport to be Clean. I’m not blaming anything on Jean Pascal. There are reasons that only he and his team can explain, ”he told the EOTTM president cautiously, as part of a video conference at the June 4 Gala in Mexico. Others include his Proteus David Lemieux box.

Photo EDOUARD PLANTE-FRÉCHETTE, archives press

Camille Estefon, President of Eye of the Tiger Management.

“But a sport Clean Is crucial. It’s not hockey or the goal we score with the ball, it’s the person we hit. We can kill. ”

The good news in all of this is that if we can keep it that way, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (WADA) “has done its job,” adds Camille Estefan.

Because he wants to achieve a sport without doping. Not that he accused the Quebec boxer of sin, he immediately made it clear that he was running on an egg shell.

“Jean Pascal should be given a chance to defend himself. It is his and his team’s responsibility to take care of the answer,” Estefan reiterated.

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Either way, he said the safety of the boxers should come first. “Fraud is zero tolerance. ”

Decori “very surprised”

Antonin Decari also gave his thoughts on the matter. The former boxer, now EOTTM vice president, has known Jean Pascal for 25 years. They are still good friends, he says.

Photo by Alain Roberz, Archive

Former boxer Antonin DeCory is now vice president of I’s Tiger Management.

“Like everyone else, I was shocked. I believe he was able to do that, he fell, he would repeat. He always defended the sport Clean. »

During the years they trained together, the matter was not touched upon, he assured.

Deckery has spoken with Pascal since the revelation Friday.

“He’s really confused. He’s clearly saying that it’s a mistake and that everything will be sorted out. Maybe not.I hope not, everything will be sorted out.In the next few weeks, our questions will be answered and he will be Clean In all. ”

It remains to be seen the results of the B samples of the erroneous tests, argues Antonin Decari in passing.

Then, perhaps, explanations will emerge. Or.

Three prohibited substances

On Saturday, Jean Pascal responded on Twitter, writing “shock and embarrassment” with the allegations. He fired his physical trainer “on the spot.”

“I never intentionally take illegal substances. I have always defended the importance of boxing practice Clean And I will always defend it. […] I want to tell all my fans that this is an isolated incident and I am ready to do anything to prove it. […] I am well aware that this situation will tarnish my name, no matter what I say, ”he said.

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Specimens of Cubecois A revealed the presence of epitrenbolone, drostanolone, and a metabolite of drostanolone.

Jean Pascal and Bado Jack will face off in a duel between Floyd Mayweather and Influencer Logan Paul on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Jack revealed the results of his opponent’s tests via Twitter on Friday night.

It was a remake of Bado Jack (23-3-3, 13 KOs), captured by WBA Light Heavyweight Belt Jean Pascal (35-6-1, 20 K.-O.). The latter won their first clash in late December 2019, by a split decision in Atlanta.

Quebec has been training in Puerto Rico for almost six months.