July 1, 2022

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Eight areas will go to the Orange Zone on Monday

Eight areas will go to the Orange Zone on Monday

(Quebec) Eight regions in Quebec woke up in the Orange Zone on Monday morning. The population of these sectors will be able to take advantage of the new facilities for the first time in many months.

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The transition to the Orange Zone is related to the areas of Lanadier, Laurentides, Autouice, Capitol-National, Chowder-Appalaches, Boss-Saint-Laurent, Monterogy and Estre.

Residents of these areas may gather in a private open space under certain circumstances and all students may return to class.

In addition, non-contact sports and recreation in the open air are allowed inside the home. Outdoor sports activities can accommodate a maximum of 12 people and can take place without contact.

Restaurants can again welcome their customers into the dining room, but they accept a maximum of two adults per table from different addresses. Bars are closed, but recreational or tourist attractions can welcome visitors.

Mutual travel between yellow and orange or red zones is not recommended.

However, exceptions apply to certain sectors of the new areas in the Orange Zone. In the Chowder-Appalachలాs, the MRCs of Mont‌magni, L’Slate, Robert-Klich and Beas-Sortigan are excluded, as are the MRC du Granit in Estre.

In the case of the Bass-Saint-Laurent area, we will go into the yellow zone on Monday, but the level change excludes the RCMs of Camourasca, Riviere-du-Loop, Temiscauta and Les Basques.